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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Dec 18, 2020

  In this week’s podcast, Celeste interviews Dr. Chelan Nour: Anesthesiologist, mother and IFBB Bikini Professional.  

    The pair kick off the podcast by talking about show day rituals, as well as how Chelan serves to be a positive source of energy towards other competitors backstage during show day.  Chelan and Celeste go on to mention the importance of positivity and the value of “Celebrating each others” both as people and competitors. 

    The two go on to talk about various obstacles encountered during prep, and how ultimately everything we do comes down to choices we make.  Chelan talks about sayings she incorporates into not only her preps, but lifestyle as well, called “Chelanisms”

    Chelan elaborates on her journey in fitness, from just starting out to earring the title of IFBB Professional.  She goes on to discuss some of the various obstacles she encountered along the way, but ultimately how she overcame them and now views them as being blessings in her life.

    As a physician, Chelan describes her path to becoming a doctor, and her decision to specialize in anesthesiology.  She describes how the discipline she acquired through studying and medicine have translated into the discipline she needs to be successful in bodybuilding and motherhood.  

    Celeste and Chelan talk about Chelan’s experiences competing in the national circuit, as well as feedback she has received from judges along the way.  The duo converse on Chelan’s ultimate “Why” for competing in the first place as well as things that have continually inspired her throughout her journey.  Specifically, Chelan emphasizes the impact a previous podcast on the series affected her on a very personal level.   

    Chelan shares valuable advices for both new competitors and those who are on their road to pro.  Moreover, she talks about the importance of manifesting and dreaming about your goals to make them come to fruition.  Quoting Chelan “If you can dream it, you can do it!”






[00:45] Celeste introduces Dr. Chelan Nour to the podcast, highlighting her accomplishments: both as an athlete and in the professional 

[2:23] Celeste asks about a ritual Chelan has before she steps on stage

[3:06] Chelan talks about how she brings a positive supportive energy to the backstage atmosphere  “celebrating each other”

[3:51] Celeste inquires about Chelan's various “Chelanisms”(ie “being hungry is a choice”)

[4:47] Celeste and Chelan talk about viewing hunger as an opportunity vs a disappointment 

[5:32] Celeste asks how Chelan started competing 

[7:17] The pair discuss Chelan’s experience prepping herself for her first competition 

[8:34] Chelan discusses about her “fomo” watching others compete nationally while she was recovering after her surgery

[11:36] Celeste and Chelan talk about how we can accomplish our goals, despite various obstacles that come our way

[12:18] Chelan mentions the various blessings she has had thought the COVID pandemic 

[13:30] Celeste asks how Chelan manages all of the various moving parts of her busy life

[14:54] Celeste asks if Chelan ever pictured she would be where she currently is as a mother (39, single living in LA)

[15:53] Chelan describes how she is grateful for the changes in her life as they have allowed her to find a life she never would have imagined 

[16:33] Chelan shares how bodybuilding is a blessing 

[17:16] Celeste asks Chelan about her experience adjusting to single life

[18:33] Chelan describes her journey to becoming a physician

[20:13] Celeste inquires about how Chelan manages days that are unexpected or out of the blue

[21:13] Chelan mentions shifting her priorities from work to her bodybuilding goals and goals of motherhood 

[21:33] Chelan describes her love for medicine and her choice to becoming an anesthesiologist 

[23:19] Celeste asks if the disciplines of motherhood and being a physician translate into bodybuilding

[24:15] Chelan talks about how the difficulties motherhood have ultimately shaped her productivity 

[26:34] Celeste asks what inspired Chelan to go back and forth from regionals to nationals

[28:05] Chelan talks about the connections she has fostered through bodybuilding and social media 

[28:57] Celeste inquires about Chelan's “why” for bodybuilding

[30:08] Chelan describes how she manages her emotions and expectations in competing 

[31:50] Celeste inquires about Chelan's use of low pressure fitness (LPF)

[32:00] Chelan describes her experience working with an LPF coach and her

[34:00] Chelan talks about her experience from judges at her various shows 

[34:35] Chelan mentions “eating her way” towards her pro card and “being hungry” even when she was not

[36:40] Chelan talks about the impact celeste previous podcast with Maya Soleli had on her life and journey as a competitor 

[38:09] Celeste asks what Chelan's process was like hitting the national circuit 

[39:17] Chelan mentions her experience winning the overall

[40:09] Chelan talks about her stage presence and proudly showing off her hard work 

[41:35] Celeste asks what Chelan would say to women who are hesitant to compete because of their age

[42:23] Celeste inquires about Chelan's post show reverse dieting experience 

[43:23] Chelan mentions her experience jumping into her pro debut 5 days after earning her pro card

[44:33] Celeste asks about Chelan's goals for her next season as an IFBB Professional

[46:56] Chelan mentions t her goal of placing top 10 in a show as a goal

[46:21] Celeste asks about Chelan's favorite exercises for glutes, lats, and shoulders 

[49:09] Chelan describes the importance of mind muscle connection to help simulate muscle growth

[49:26] Celeste asks what the biggest difference is between being an NPC vs IFBB athlete 

[51:05] Celeste inquires for advice for someone who is never competed before, as well as someone who is on their road to pro

[53:10] Chelan talks about the importance of always continuing to show up and how persistence helps us achieve our dreams 

[54:25] Celeste asks Chelan to share her social media handle for users to connect with her

[55:58] The pair discuss how our lives and identities are not dependent on instagram 

[57:30] Chelan asks Celeste to share her upcoming competing goals