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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Dec 28, 2018

Host, Celeste Rains-Turk wraps up 2018 with a fun-laughter filled energetic conversation with Stefanie Antorcha, Founder of BamBody Nutrition, who has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years, is a nutritionist, personal trainer, wife and parent.

Stefanie openly discusses some of the hardest times in her...

Dec 20, 2018

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk, has an awesome conversation with Ashlyn Brown, a 26 year old bikini pro who is an online coach for lifestyle clients and competitors, shes a momma to two puppies with her husband and love of her life Curtis brown, she is a sponsored athlete and lover of all things food and...

Dec 14, 2018

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Team Cosmic Bodies Coach, 2017 NPC Nationals Overall Champ, and posing coach Lauren Dannenmiller.

Lauren goes into full depth and detail about why she takes year long off seasons, 20+ week preps, and implements mini cuts and diet breaks along the way. She shares her...