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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jan 24, 2020

In this episode, Host Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Anya Nicholson a posing coach and office assistant with Team Elite Physique who works alongside Adam Bonilla traveling to shows and helping competitors backstage. She studied Sports Management and spends most of her days at the contest prep center doing online posing with athletes all over the world, and turned pro at NPC Nationals in 2019. 

Tune in to hear about Anya's recover from bulimia and how one friend, and bodybuilding, changed her life for the better. Anya shares openly her struggle with bulimia, how it started, and what helped her. She also talks about how her relationship with food is now versus before. Celeste and Anya speak to disordered eating and food relationships to show you that there is a way out!

Anya gives us insight into how to get over the urge to do a mini cut because of weight gain. Celeste and Anya get into positive and negative reinforcements and how powerful perspective is on everything we do. They discuss the power of food labels, getting to know your body, and how influential self-love is on our decision making. Anya gives us a run down of exact process for self-evaluation each day along with what she has done to improve her day to day life.

Anya talks about how she helps athletes overcome the urge to mini cut at the sight of weight gain as well as how Team Elite Physique helps their athletes to focus on the right progress when things get tough.

Celeste asks Anya about posing and pulls out some interesting and key details from the analyzing and implementing Anya has done as a posing coach. She gives us some insight into what might look better, what routines and looks are being favored, and even tells us her posing pet peeve. She shares exactly what she saw at USA's and NPC Nationals and gets into the trends at the amateur and pro level. Anya even makes some awesome suggestions for anyone to implement to improve their posing!

Anya also talks about how she and Adam Bonilla separate work from their relationship and some of the struggles they had in the beginning in doing this. She shares how she does check-ins with him, why they kept their relationship on the DL for so long and how they have grown together.

Cody the labradoodle makes a big difference at the prep center so make sure to listen in for how you would be greeted if you went. 

With a degree in sports management, Anya talks about why she pursued it and if she uses it in the work she does now. She talks about her life as a competitor and what her journey to her pro card was like and if she expected to get it when she did. She shares the challenges she overcame in her prep and what she did to overcome them.

Anya talks about the exercises she used to make the improvements the judges were looking for, how she communicates with Adam so she gets the best plan for the way her body responds and muscles activates, and Celeste and she both share their go to glute exercises and something they both do with the lying hamstring curl machine that has made a big difference.

This episode is packed with relatable, interesting, and fun conversation that you will surely LOVE!

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