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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Feb 12, 2021

In today’s episode, Celeste interviews Trisha Green, who works as a personal trainer and began her competition journey in 2015 completing 6 regional shows and 6 national shows before earning her pro card at USA’s in 2020.

After discussing some pre-stage rituals, Celeste and Trisha explore the various ways Trisha’s mindset towards prepping and competing have changed over the past six years.  Trisha goes on to explain her path towards the stage, beginning with starting out as a personal trainer at a local gym.  Once she made it through her first prep and stepped on stage for the first time, Trisha was “hooked” on competing and created a lifestyle that allows her to pursue her dreams with a strong support system.  


Trisha shares many insights into her competition prep, one most notably being her post-show feedback from head judge Sandy Williamson.  She goes into details about the areas of her physique that need improvement, as well as some of the ways she plans on improving her package and coming back better for her rookie season. 


Trisha openly shares about her two year unexpected hiatus from competing, and describes some of the challenges she endured during this time.  Ultimately, she enlightens us on how her mindset adapted this time, and how she has used her lessons learned into the prep that allowed her to earn her pro card. 


Throughout the interview, Celeste and Trisha continuously talk about the importance of having a strong foundation of support to succeed in both life and competing.  They also discuss the significance of being willing to “reset” throughout a season of prep or life.  No matter the setbacks, Trisha talks about the importance of loving the process more than the final result or destination.  Also mentioned is the value in taking your time; not rushing the process or results we often so quickly wish to attain.  


As the interview comes to a close, Trisha shares her best advice for a competitor who has never competed before but has a desire; as well as her best advice for a competitor on her road to earning a pro card!

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[00:44] Celeste introduces Trisha onto the podcast, highlighting some of her accomplishments 

[2:15] Trisha talks about her rituals before stepping on stage 

[4:06] Celeste asks how Trisha’s thoughts on competing evolved from 2015 to now

[6:15] Trisha describes her life before competing and her path to becoming a personal trainer

[9:08] Celeste inquires on how Trisha’s mindset has shifted after earning her pro card

[13:00] Trisha elaborates on how she used her time post show as a reset

[14:48] Trisha shares her feedback from head judge, Sandy 

[18:00] Trisha describes finding balance and fine tuning from show to show

[19:30] Trisha talks about placing 5th at her first national show

[20:30] Trisha describes some of life changes that occurred over a 2 year hiatus from competing 

[23:14] Celeste asks what the transition was like after Trisha’s return to competing

[25:30] Celeste inquires on how Trisha's prior experience allowed her to be successful during this most recent prep

[29:00] Trisha talks about different approaches she has experimented with over the years 

[30:30] Trisha elaborates about the importance of “fine tuning” from show to show

[31:17] Celeste asks about Trisha’s decision to switch coaches 

[36:15] Trisha talks about the differences going into previous shows compared to winning her pro card 

[39:33] Trisha describes some of the times she was discouraged and felt like giving up

[40:50] Celeste and Trisha discuss the importance of enjoying the process and the journey 

[43:00] Trisha describes how her mentality shifted, knowing her next show will be her pro debut 

[46:00] Trisha talks about how she has mapped out her next steps as a new pro

[47:40] Celeste inquires about how Trisha will know when it is time to prep again

[50:30] Trisha talks about how she uses her own experiences competing with clients of her own

[53:16] Celeste asks Trisha to share how structure is present in her daily routine

[57:05] Trisha elaborates on how a strong support system has helped her achieve her dreams

[61:07] Trisha talks about the importance of relying on and supporting yourself

[62:18] Celeste elaborates on the importance of not seeking things outside of ourselves, but rather creating them within us

[62:54] Celeste asks Trisha to share her top three posing tips

[65:28] Trisha shares how she is approaching the choreographing for her pro routine

[68:08] Celeste asks Trisha for her best advice for new competitors and those who are on their road to pro

[68:15] Trisha shares her advice for new competitors 

[69:34] Trisha shares her advice for someone on the road to pro

[71:14] Trisha shares how to connect with her on social media