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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Nov 8, 2019

Host, Celeste Rains-Turk, interviews Sarah Cobean, full time periodontal therapist for a nationally ranked cosmetic dentist who specializes in physiologic based neuromuscular dentistry. This athlete was born and raised in St. Clair Michigan and currently lives in Royal Oak Michigan. She has always been passionate about fitness and today we get to hear more of that.

Tune in to hear about Sarah's journey to competing, how she overcomes stage fright, what she does to step into her confidence, and why she loves bodybuilding. Sarah shares how she has embraced her body in every season. She also opens up about how to cut costs competing and what she did to afford her first trainer.

Sarah discusses what she has to do to mentally shift into the mindset of competing, following her diet 100% and bringing her conditioning in until her body told her it is time to call it quits and she didn't listen. 

She shares how letting herself take the time off allowed her to bring her best look to stage and finally earn her pro card. 

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