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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Aug 7, 2020

In this week's episode, Celeste speaks with IFBB Pro Kasey Wilson, a Speech Pathologist and Posing Coach with a burning passion for fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Kasey started competing in 2016 on a whim and fell in love with the sport after winning her class. She continued to compete while obtaining her undergrad and master’s program, eventually earning her IFBB Pro Card at Universe In 2019. Kasey went on to receive first call outs at San Antonio Classic at her first pro show with an impressive seasoned lineup. 

Kasey and Celeste start off the episode by discussing the lessons Kasey has learned from competing on a National stage. She elaborates on why going into a show thinking you will get first can be detrimental and to embrace the journey not the placement. Kasey opens up with Celeste about prepping while her father was diagnosed with cancer and how her father’s fight gave her the strength to continue.

Kasey explains how she grew up loving the arts and did not begin to lift weights until the age of 19. She gives credit to her coach for the past 4 years, and expresses how their professional relationship was key to success at growing into the IFBB Pro stage. Furthermore, Kasey states that being part of a well-known team is not a factor for judged in placement.

Kasey states that although you may bring your personal best package to the stage, it may not be the look the judges are looking for that day. She also gives tips on saving money during prep to include the bikini, shows, hotels, and meals. 

Celeste and Kasey discuss food choices on prep and post-season. Kasey reminisces on how little she understood macros when she began her NPC journey, and now appreciates how taking a flexible approach in improvement season can be mentally beneficial. Kasey isn’t afraid to have a glass of wine or a hearty slice of cake if she believes it will benefit her in ways other than fitness, “Food isn’t just food; It is part of our social culture.” 

Finally, Celeste asks Kasey her favorite exercises and questions by viewers! Kasey’s realistic lifestyle, her successes in the NPC/IFBB, and a mesmerizing personality create an episode you do not want to miss!

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[2:39] Kasey's routine prior to hitting the stage

[3:40] Lessons learned from competing at the National level

[6:56] Kasey’s personal issues while competing for Universe

[15:46] Building a good relationship with a coach/

[19:28] Intuitive dieting/post-show dieting technique

[29:40] Flexible approach of eating in improvement season

[32:05] Kasey’s issues with gut health/tips on fixing inflammation

[40:27] Kasey’s meals/cravings during prep

[43:00] Having a healthy relationship during prep

[50:11] Kasey’s experience at her first IFBB debut

[53:55] How Kasey handled her family not understanding the NPC/IFBB/diet prep

[57:30] Kasey’s perspective of bodybuilding from NPC to the IFBB

[60:44] How bringing your best package may not be what the judges are looking for

[63:52] Making a budget/tips on saving money for shows

[66:05] How Kasey balanced school/work balance with prep

[70:34] Kasey’s favorite exercises