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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Oct 11, 2019

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk has an in depth and inspiring conversation with Judith Dicker, a married mom of 2 who works as a fitness trainer and online competition prep coach. She has a passion for taking people from miserable metabolisms and strict diets to getting in the best shape of their lives and making sure all the aspects of competing are covered from fitness and nutrition to hair and makeup. She is also working in the financial services industry and has grown her own business doing so. After losing a lung she found her passion for fitness against the odds.

Tune in to hear about Judith's incredible journey through life, athletics, fighting against the odds, competing, and earning pro status. Judith opens up about how she has developed a fighter's mentality, what she does every week to improve her mindset, and how she overcame losing a lung.

Judith also discusses the importance of listening to your body, loving your body, making confidence a priority, and protecting your metabolism. She answers some questions submitted by listeners like fixing awkward hands when posing, perfecting arms during the walk, process changes as show day approaches, diet staples, nutrient timing, and much more.

She tells us of the warning signs and common causes of metabolic damage and how she combats this. 

Judith also shares what type of training she is doing, how she views weigh ins, what she has her clients do to improve how they feel about themselves, and her approach to coaching

She even shares her story about why she left South Africa, what life was like before her health suffered from having a lung removed and how this shifted her perspective on life.

Judith even shares the strategy she took on to maximize on her road to pro. 


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