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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jun 5, 2020

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk sits down with IFBB Pro Jordan Wondergem, who won her pro card at her first national show and is now going into her fifth year of competing. She is a coach for bikini and lifestyle clients and directs an abundance of focus towards mindset. 

Jordan coached herself until her prep leading into the North Americans National show where she earned her Pro-card. She learned what and what not to do and gained experience while coaching herself but wanted to take her physique to the next level. By hiring a coach, Jordan was able to dig deep and learn how to push to the pro level. 

Mindset is something Jordan is very passionate about. She believes that having the right mindset is everything when it comes to achieving your goals and that it will set you apart from the rest. Affirmations are a huge part of her daily routine. Another passion she has is being able to fit competing into her lifestyle. Jordan explains how she can enjoy social aspects of situations while following her prep to a T even if she needs to be a busier person to do so. 

This lifestyle has been one Jordan had followed even before her time competing. Celeste and Jordan talk about how having that base of the lifestyle makes for an easier transition into competing rather than just jumping in. Having goals with a deadline and seeing herself progress is what drives her most and has her whole life. 

Now that shows have been cancelled, Jordan is focusing on the positives of postponing prep. She was devastated when she learned that the Vancouver Pro show had been cancelled but has realized this could actually work out for the best. With her new relationship having a time limit on time spent together she can now focus on having fun and having a more enjoyable prep when her new boyfriend goes off to boot camp. She also speaks on how she has handled client’s shows being cancelled so gracefully. 

Jordan goes into what her peak week looks like as well as what post show looks like for her. It is a new and different approach from what she had ever practiced while coaching herself and she is excited that she can pass these strategies onto her own clients. 

Celeste brings the show to an end by asking Jordan about some favorites regarding prep food and training and of course advice for women thinking about competing and those looking to go pro themselves. 

Jordan’s passions shine through in this episode and inspire a better mindset! 



1:30 Pre-show rituals
3:11 Hype songs that get you through prep 
5:19 Jordan talks about being self coached until national show prep and then having a coach for national prep 
7:59 Monitoring progress while self coaching
9:14 Having self doubt while coaching yourself
10:23 Receiving feedback from a coach 
11:18 Methods Jordan developed from coaching herself. Learning what to do and what not to do. 
12:53 Learning how to coach properly from experiences coaching herself
13:30 What has been different for Jordan since having a coach 
15:08 HUGE conditioning difference 
15:38 What it took to prep for the level of conditioning needed to become pro 
17:00 Being so lean it hurts / family worrying 
20:00 Prep for pro card win 
22:00 Feelings during North Americans show 
22:59 Sensing how well you’re going to place 
23:55 Re-doing tan for finals to make or break becoming pro 
25:36 Difference between preps with and without coach 
27:03 Doing more cardio 
28:07 Having the mindset of believing in yourself 
29:44 Daily rituals Jordan performs to stay in the right mindset
32:05 The difference between an elite competitor and the rest 
34:05 How to fit competing into your lifestyle and enjoy the social aspect of situations 
36:15 Choosing to be busy so you can still live your life 
38:16 Having a base of the lifestyle before competing
40:03 Jordan explains she is self driven by progress 
41:55 Goals and priorities during improvement season 
45:28 Having a goal in sight to be in the right mindset for a prep 
47:38 Game plans now that shows are being cancelled 
49:57 Focusing on the positives of prep being postponed
53:39 How Jordan is handling shows being cancelled as a coach 
56:44 Peak week protocols 
1:00:36 Depletion meals post show 
1:05:25 Favorite / strangest prep meal
1:07:12 Favorite exercise for glutes, hamstrings, and shoulders 
1:09:45 Advice for someone who has never competed but wants to 
1:11:09 Advice for an amateur trying to go pro 
1:13:35 Where you can connect with Jordan Wondergem