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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Aug 28, 2020

In today’s episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk, speaks with Jessica Perez-Beebe, an IFBB Pro who faced adversity growing up, yet found how to live a healthy abundant life after finding personal development and
self improvement and who now uses her athlete mentality in her own business to mentor entrepreneurs and leaders.

As always, Celeste kicks off the episode by having Jessica share her pre-stage ritual with listeners. From there, Celeste and Jessica quickly recap Jessica’s competing history during which she goes on to share how her experience coaching herself into nationals was what she considered “a disaster.”

First, however, Jessica explains how she originally got into bodybuilding after previously being active in the CrossFit community, as well as owning her own strength & conditioning gym, yet was looking for another goal to help her stay focused while also trying to grow her business.

To Jessica’s surprise, she placed in the top 5 at her first national show yet at the time she hadn’t even considered the thought of becoming a pro in the sport. After leaving her coach at the time due to plans of moving abroad with her husband, Jessica decided last minute to compete at USA’s self-coached, which was where she discovered the necessity to have a coach despite her years of knowledge and education in the industry, emphasizing that “you don’t know what you don’t know.”

Next, Celeste asks Jessica about her decision to move overseas, which ultimately led to her 3.5 year break from competing. Jessica explains that her and her husband had a shared vision of being location independent, traveling for months or years at a time, renting houses here and there, all while being able to manage their businesses or work remotely. Jessica shares that her and her husband ended up becoming overnight parents to her niece Lily, yet despite her coming into their lives they went ahead with their plans to move.

Jessica sold her business sooner than originally planned and they decided to bring Lily with them and gift her the experience of travel from a young age. Jessica confirms that her decision to take Lily along was the right one, as Lily was able to grow up in an environment with parents who set positive examples and displayed
what a well rounded and fulfilling life can entail.

Celeste then asks Jessica how the living abroad and being a nomad affected her commitments to health and fitness, to which Jessica explains that her experiences were different from a typical vacation as it was an opportunity to immerse herself in various cultures, learn new customs and ways of living, as well as constantly having to adapt. Celeste then has Jessica elaborate on the role nutrition and fitness took during Jessica’s time in other countries.

After discussing Jessica’s time abroad and what sparked that decision, Celeste asks about Jessica’s role as a performance coach. Celeste asks how Jessica has taken her experiences of travel and being a professional athlete to work with her clients on mindset and how to live more fulfilling lives.

Jessica emphasizes the importance of focus and commitment and how that translates from bodybuilding to business. She teaches her clients about removing the distractions to focus on one thing at a time, and how that translates for one to be successful in business.

Jessica explains that even the most successful entrepreneurs start their day off with fitness, to which she shares that she loves working with athletes in particular, knowing that they already have instilled life habits of dedication and focus. Celeste then transitions the conversation to Jessica’s daily habits and has her share with listeners her daily non negotiable’s. Jessica shares how the to-do lists are something she no longer uses, yet implements a practice of writing down two important things that must be accomplished the next day.

​This opens a discussion between Celeste and Jessica about the concept of the to-do list and Jessica shares what she feels is necessary for athletes or entrepreneurs to do to “level up” and go from amateur to pro. She shares how she feels that the smaller habitual things on the to do list distract from the bigger, more important tasks that will really take one to the next level. The two women discuss their opinions on how to best set yourself up to win the day while setting intentions and how to focus those actions and intentions to help accomplish the big vision or goal.

Switching gears, Celeste asks Jessica about her beginnings in the world of personal
development and how she realized that things like the law of attraction and inner work could help her lead a more abundant life. Jessica talks about how from a young age she was always curious and how she found ways to detach from the violent and fearful environment she grew up in to seek out how to better her life.

She shares that from a young age she knew she was meant for more and how that desire and skill carried over into her adult life and competing career, trusting that she could create what she focused on. Branching off of Jessica’s beginnings in truly
achieving what she focuses on, Celeste asks Jessica about finances and how she manages her mindset around money in terms of budgeting for competitions, as well as how she works with clients about their mindset with money as well.

Celeste moves on to ask Jessica about the sudden passing of her mom and how that affected her life decisions moving forward. Jessica recounts the story of how she found out about her moms passing after coming home from an out-of-town event for a job she didn’t enjoy working under a verbally abusive manager, where she felt like she wasn’t harnessing her true potential, and how she took this as a sign to fearlessly pursue the life she had dreamt for herself.

Jessica found the lesson in a tragic event, shifted her mindset and used that to propel her forward. Jessica then talks about her plans for her pro debut and how injuries and show cancellations forced her to modify the original plan, yet that she never saw quitting as an option. Her and Celeste walk through the various challenges she faced before stepping on stage at the NorCal show, yet Jessica emphasizes the importance of finishing through with goals she sets for herself. Jessica looks at her perseverance as something she has trained herself for, to “go all the way.”

Although not showing up with her best physique to date, Jessica was still proud of the fact that she followed through with the plan to step on that stage having overcome so many obstacles. Next, Celeste asks Jessica about her plan of action moving forward for her 2020 season, now already having one show under her belt. Jessica explains her reasoning behind switching teams and coaching and why she had to make a tough decision in order to level up and shares what her and her new coach Damian, from The Pros, have planned for the rest of this year.

The women quickly touch on the importance of divine timing and trusting that goals
will come to fruition when they are meant to be. While talking about the concept of time and patience, Jessica emphasizes why “the juice is in the journey” not just in competing but in business as well. Jessica shares that although winning an award or medal is gratifying, the real reward is in the process and journey along the way.

Celeste and Jessica then emphasize the importance of habits and consistency and how that helps not just in bodybuilding but in many other aspects of life, business included. The women then make more connections between bodybuilding and “real life” when they touch on the concept of how one’s imperfections can lead to longevity as it pushes them to constantly strive for improvement.

By emphasizing consistency one can omit what can feel like inevitable ebbs and flows since habits will take over and create that certain behaviors become natural. After talking all things consistency and discipline, Celeste asks Jessica to give her best advice for both the first time competitor and for the girls on their road to pro.



[1:30] Jessica shares her pre-stage ritual with listeners.
[2:42] Celeste and Jessica go over a quick recap of Jessica’s competing history.
[4:20] Jessica explains how she felt coaching herself was “a disaster” going into USAs.
[9:40] Celeste asks Jessica about her move overseas; why she decided to do so and what inspired the move.
[12:20] Jessica explains how she became an overnight parent to her niece, Lily.
[13:30] Jessica shares what it has been like to have Lily share her and her husbands life dream in terms of their vision of traveling and living abroad.
[16:30] Celeste asks Jessica how traveling and living abroad impacted her lifestyle or
commitments to health and fitness.
[20:00] Celeste asks about the priority nutrition and fitness had during Jessica’s life while living abroad.
[21:50] Celeste asks Jessica what she’s learned as her experiences as a professional athlete, traveling the world, and how she teaches that to her clients when it comes to living fulfilling lives.
[27:10] Jessica shares some of her non-negotiable’s and daily habits that she believes have attributed to her success.
[31:10] Jessica elaborates on her thoughts on manifestation and setting yourself up to win the day.
[33:00] Celeste shares her thoughts on setting oneself up for success in terms of identity, as well as on to-do lists with intentions behind the items on the list.
[40:00] Celeste asks Jessica about her first encounter with personal development work and how to translate that to living a more abundant life.
[46:30] Celeste asks Jessica about mindset around money when it comes to competing; both while being in prep and during her off season.
[49:00] Jessica shares how the passing of her mom impacted her life’s decisions moving forward.
[56:20] Jessica talks about how she approached her pro debut despite the numerous show cancellations.
[57:30] Jessica recounts her experience at the NorCal show and how the thought of giving up never crossed her mind despite the multiple challenges she faced to get to the stage.
[60:20] Jessica explains why following through and accomplishing goals she sets for herself is so important and how she felt of her placings because she persevered.
[64:40] Celeste asks Jessica about her plan of action for her new goals and visions.
[68:00] Celeste shares insight on the importance of staying patient and goals/visions will come to fruition when the time is right.
[71:20] Jessica explains why “the juice is in the journey” in competing and business; how consistency translates into habits that can be applied to multiple aspects of life.
[74:00] Celeste and Jessica discuss how our imperfections lead to longevity both in competing and business and again emphasize the importance of consistency.
[79:00] Jessica shares her best advice for the newbie competitor and for girls on their road to pro.