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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jan 15, 2021

In this episode, we’re introduced to Candice Henricks, a new IFBB pro who works as a registered respiratory therapist who is inspired to support others in sharing experiences and showing love to all with her faith in Christianity and the belief she holds that we are all in this together and no one is alone. She dives into her journey, the power of faith, her career, vulnerable stories and struggles of her life, and caffeine abuse. 

Candice reflects on 2020 as a year of internal growth. It’s not the year you get what you want, but a year you must make the most of. During her prep to her pro card, she was in quite a bad place, mentally. She could no longer find joy in the process.  She was struggling with her diet, after a 28-week prep. 

All in all, she could not even really enjoy the pro card. But moving to Texas changed the game. Thanks to her  new coach, she was introduced to a more flexible diet style. Her relationship with food changed. She was able to reflect on what she really enjoys. She feels much healthier. 

This prep was also super different regarding the training. Weight lifting sessions were more intense than ever. However, cardio was kept reasonable.  This was a brand new approach. This made her feel empowered and made her fall in love with the process again. 
This prep started as a challenge. Her friend Gina Scafoglio, who’s also an IFBB pro, told Candice she should try and compete with her. Challenge accepted! Candice was on fire, loved everything, and was thriving. 

Candice used to compare her life to IG influencers’ lives. Before moving to Texas, she was in a bad place, financially.  She had just graduated but couldn’t find a job. It was a hard time. And it was also very hard not to compare herself to others who « made it ». The solution was simple : temporarily deleting social medias ! And taking time to reflect on herself. 

During this waiting period, Candice took time to reflect on her purpose, and accepting the path she was on. She was able to find balance with food, and put herself in the right mental state for work. She could also focus on her faith. 

When Candice was 17, her mom died of a cancer. This lead Candice to her first journey into faith, leaving her with questions : « why ? », « who’s God ? ». Since then, she’s been building her faith. 

This also made her realize she wanted to help people, she wants to be that person who shows you you can overcome darkness. This is how she choose her career path.  She knew she wanted to help and tried to work as a nurse. However, bathing/ cleaning people, … that was not meant for her. 

Then she turned to respiratory therapy. She graduated in a year. This path helped her to switch her mindset from « I can’t » to « I can ». It’s not easy to come from unemployment to 12-hour shifts though.  But with organization and routine, Candice made the transition. 
Another point to take into consideration was the fact that we’re in a pandemic. Working in a hospital these times can be really nerve wrecking. But with her fresh mindset, Candice reminds herself that people are the priority, not bodybuilding, which is a « hobby ». It is important to find a routine that works for you, to stay grounded. 

She used to abuse caffeine. She didn’t realize it, but was pretty agitated, leading to relationships issues. After 1 week limiting her intake, she felt a complete change and felt much more calm. 
Regarding artificial sweeteners, she doesn’t want to go cold turkey, but she focuses on living a healthy lifestyle and wants to fuel her body with nourishing foods. Candice loves the pro milieu. She competed at the Battle of Texas, sharing the stage with Olympians. She loved that experience. Compared to amateur level, there is much more positivity. It feels like a community, girls are rooting for each other. This is an inspiring experience. 

Now Candice is in a better mindset and she’s able to truly enjoy the pro status. She puts less pressure on body building and no longer « has to » do things. She switched from not being in the moment to living a healthy and happy lifestyle.  Her best advice for a first timer would be to ask themself lf if this is really their passion, if they want to live this lifestyle. Having a great support system helps a lot. It’s important to take things day by day, have a plan. 

For competitors on their way to the pro status, it’s crucial to have a vision on where you want to be. This is you versus you. Whenever you improve, you’re on the right track. Get a great support system and do things day by day. 


00 :50 : Presentation of Candice
1 :46 : Candice talks about her « ritual » before getting on stage. She always remembers every tough moment she went through and reminds herself that every struggle pays off. 
Her vision of 2020 is summarized by : growth
3 :30 : Celeste also shares her vision of 2020. It all comes down to growth and making the best of hardships. 
4 :30 : Candice share her post pro card experience. 
She had been dieting for 28 weeks, which was quite a mental game. Her mindset regarding dieting was not ok. 
5 :39 : Candice explains how moving to Houston, Texas helped her in her journey. 
It also changed her approach to dieting. 
8 :44 : Candice talks about how she dealt with transition from « bro diet » to flexible diet and how this switch can make dieting much easier. 
You can get the best of both worlds. 
11 :48 : Candice explains her approach regarding her current training, and how it was during the prep. This new way of doing things sparked something and made her love that process again. 
15 :39 : Loving the process again made Candice thrive. She made new connections in this new environment. 
She shares how connections, interactions, can be uplifting and can surround you with good vibes.
17 :50 : Candice explains how she deals with people’s curiosity, questions, in the gym.
20 :40 : Candice underlines the importance of showing up, every single day. 
21 :22 : Candice talks about the comparison game, about financial issues and the waiting season, waiting impatiently for things to get better. 
24 :31 : Candice shares how she got past this tough period. 
24 :52 : Candice talks about her faith and how this helped her a lot. 
27 :48 : Candice tells about her first journey into faith. 
30 :44 : Candice explains how your faith can help you but also other people, indirectly.  
32 :47 : Candice shares her action plan, for tough times. 
36 :35 : Candice talks about her choice of carreer path. 
42 :17 : Candice gives her « tips » to transition form an unemployed life to working for 12-hour shifts. 
45 :11 : Working during a pandemic can be nerve wrecking. Candice shares her experience. 
46 :52 : Candice talks about her previous caffeine « addiction » and how minimizing her intake helped her. 
She also shares her standpoint regarding sweeteners and overall dietary approach. 
53 :11 : Candice explains about her peak week.
56 :05 : Candice gives her insight about the pro milieu
1 :00 :57 : Candice experienced a mindset shift regarding her IFBB Pro Status. She develops about that. 
1 :03 :45 : Candice shares her advices for first time competitors and for competitors on the journey to the Pro Card.