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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Nov 27, 2020

In this exciting episode, Celeste introduces Shelby Brusselback, who went pro at North Americans in 2020 less than one year after starting her journey as a competitor. She works for a data company as a custom success manager with goals of becoming a coach to inspire everyone to uplevel and be their best selves

She explains about her game plan, how she was able to improve very quickly but also how she was able to train during Covid. 

Shelby talks about the power of visualization, manifestation, gratitude. When you visualize, the Universe delivers. 

Shelby explains why she changed coaches, while everything was fine with her previous coach. She develops about the importance of  reel connection.

She explains how her new coach, Ashlyn Brown, from Fit Body Fusion played a huge role in her journey. 

Shelby talks about her personal life and how she went from a dark place, feeling like there is no perspective, to a happy and confident self. She talks about her young self and her lack of confidence. 

She's not always been into that lifestyle, before following the coaches and athletes of Fit Body Fusion. But at some point she felt like this was time to do something for herself. 

She shares her morning routine ,visualization, that helps her to set the tone for the day as Shelby is an empath, she explains how this can help her to reach her goals and also help people. 

Shelby talks about how weed can be used as a tool for training and recovery. According to her, this can also help with hunger pangs.

Shelby is a vegan, but also a foodie, who loves family gatherings. She explains how she's able to deal with veganism when hosting. 

She talks about what her diet looks like. 

Shelby explains how she now knows she's on the right path for herself. She's now living her best life, she makes gratitude her attitude and the Universe is delivering. 

You can always learn from your experiences, it's a matter of perspective and it all boils down to self belief. This also applies to dieting, and the way you decide to perceive hunger and diet. 

She underlines the importance of being intentional in everything you do. 

Shelby shares her best advice for newbies : have a strong belief that you can do anything, give your all, have fun, don't let comparison hold you down, be your best, be centered, never give up. 

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00:51 : Presentation
1:29 : Celeste asks about Shelby's stage ritual
1:32 : Shelby shares her ritual and underlines the importance of visualization/manifestation
2:20 : Celeste asks how to deal with self doubts
2:40 Shelby explains how important the relationship with her coach, Ashlyn Brown, is helpful and important. 
4:00 Celeste asks about any hesitations regarding the process
4:30 Shelby talks about when  she turned pro.
5:00 Celeste asks how it feels to  have a top pro coach, now coaching you as a pro. 
5:21 Shelby explains how incredible it is to accomplish so much in such a short time. Her coach makes her feel special and gives her confidence. 
7:00 Celeste wants to learn more about Shelby's journey and the reason why she changed coaches
7:20 Shelby explains the importance of vibing with her coach and feeling a deep connection. 
10:40 Celeste asks about Shelby's morning routine
11:00 Shelby talks about positive affirmations, meditation and how to formulate affirmations/intentions. 
14:00 Celeste develops about the power of "I am"
15:55 Celeste asks about how being an empath can help along the journey. 
16:13 Shelby explains  her sensitivity to energies, emotions and intuitions.  She's able to focus on where energy needs to go. 
20:13 Celeste asks about the influence of weed on recovery and training
20:26 Shelby talks about her use of weed as a tool. 
24:00 Celeste mentions that some pros openly use weed and talk about it.  It's important to be intentional about what works best for you. 
25:13 Celeste asks how weed can help with munchies. 
25:20 Shelby tells how weed helped .
27:12 Celeste asks about Shelby's favorite TV shows
27:20 Shelby talks about her preferences; anything human mind related. 
28:40 Since Shelby is a vegan, Celeste wonders how Thanksgiving looks like for her. 
28:50 To Shelby this is mostly a big gathering where she prepares what the family wants to eat. 
30:00 Celeste asks about what a full day of eating looks like, about macros and cooking skills
30:20 Shelby explains where her passion for cooking comes from.
She explains her "trick" to get her protein intake when dieting. 
34:23 Celeste asks if gatherings have impacted growth and development. 
34:39 Shelby talks about how family situation made her self confident. 
38:23 Celeste asks about Shelby's fit lifestyle background. 
38:29 Shelby explains that before following Fit Body Fusion, she was not in that physical and mental place. She suffered from low self image. 
But at some point, it clicked and in 2018 she felt that this was the right time to do something for herself. 
42:27 Celeste asks how one can be sure to be on the right path for oneself. 
42:35 Shelby explains how she knows she's on the right path. She talks about the power of gratitude. 
44:46 Celeste asks what Shelby would say to somebody who thinks they have no perspective and just go through the day.
45:12 Shelby shares her experience and advice. 
It all boils down to self belief. 
46:42 Celeste asks Shelby what made her confident to go for Nationals. 
47:16 Shelby had top callouts mindset. She took feedback and improved, working hard like never before. She's thankful for her coach. 
50:39 Shelby explains how a better mindset makes you handle a "starvation diet" better. 
52:26 Celeste shares her experience as a coach, working on relationship with food, about perception of hunger.
53:27 Celeste asks about Shelby's game plan
53:36 Shelby talks about her focus points. She means to be intentional when hitting the gym, when eating. 
SHe's determined to take the time needed. 
56:10 Celeste asks whether Shelby was able to make muscle gains during Covid
56:17 Shelby explains about her gym training and her "barn training". 
57:48 Shelby's 1st pro show was the same show as her 1st pro show ever. Celeste asks about her feeling. 
57:54 Shelby shares her experience. On top of that, she was able to ask Sandy's (Sandy WIlliamson - bikini head judge at the Olympia) impressions. 
1:00:44 Celeste asks about Shelby's best memories
1:00:51 There are many best memories. 
Shelby also talks about the importance to celebrate others and the importance of gratitude. 
1:04:04 Celeste wraps up and asks about Shelby's best advice for a newbie. 
1:04:53 Shelby gives her tips : believe strongly that you can do anything, give your all, have fun, don't let comparison hold you down, bring your best, be centered, never give up
1:06:53 Shelby shares how you can connect with her and various sponsorship discounts