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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Dec 4, 2020

In this week’s episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk has the absolute pleasure to interview IFBB Professional Shanae Dicicco. Known as one of Australia’s best bikini pro’s, Shanae qualified for the 2018 Australian Nationals and now works to develop her name as a posing coach.

Shanae kicks off the episode by sharing her biggest weakness. She admits to always being nervous and even stumbled on stage at Muscle Contest Japan. Celeste praises Shanae for sharing her vulnerabilities

Previously trained by her Bodybuilder ex-boyfriend, Shanae oftentimes eating way more than necessary to grow. After stepping off stage feeling “blocky and bigger than the other girls,” Shanae invested in a coach that specialized in bikini. She explains how it took several years to transform her shape, focusing on slimming her waist and posing versus trying to grow her deltoids. 

Celeste and Shanae discuss the fallout from their shows being cancelled this year. Shanae admits to an uncontrolled rebound and began to eat for comfort after losing her job. She discusses how she had to do a full prep to reverse out of the significant calorie increase and a 15-kilogram weight gain. Shanae has now learned how to maintain, properly reverse, and occasionally indulge without rebounding.

Shanae discusses the process of being an IFBB Profession in Australia. Shanae explains the standard in Australia being quite competitive and is thankful for the influx of competition coming to the IFBB. Her goal is to compete in the Olympia however has been held back this year due to COVID restrictions. 

Celeste asks Shanae her daily habits to success. Shanae became a manager for ambassadors of a company after being laid off from her job this summer. 

Prior to the IFBB, Shanae states she had dreams to be an actress but found it hard to maintain her muscular figure. She now focuses on pushing her body to the absolute potential, finding complete confidence in the process of building muscle.

Finally, Shanae gives listeners her best advice on their road to Pro. Shanae’s vulnerability and success story gives listeners an episode they do not want to miss!


[1:34] Shanae's stage ritual
[4:33] Shanae’s Arnold Debut story
[6:27] Shanae discusses how she had to change her training routine to fit bikini division
[12:37] How Shanae feels about her shows being cancelled/rebounding/Future show plans
[18:04] Off-season diet/how Shanae maintains her calorie intake
[20:48] How to become a IFBB Pro in Australia/Her goals in the IFBB
[25:03] Shanae’s daily habits for success
[28:18] Shanae’s life and mind set prior to fitness/IFBB Pro league
[33:40] Shanae’s advice to listeners stuck in a bad mindset/pressure to maintain a lean figure
[38:13] How Shanae and her partner train together
[39:32] Shanae gives her best advice for new competitors and future IFBB Pros