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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Apr 24, 2020

In this episode host Celeste Rains-Turk sits down with IFBB Pro Lexus Redmond. This Las Vegas native is a posing coach, a trainer, holds a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience.
Lexus talks about her personal struggle with depression and how after watching her aunt compete in 2009 she decided that it was something she wanted too. Her aunts glowing confidence and happiness was what drove her towards the gym. Lexus talks about being diagnosed with depression in her childhood and by working out with her aunt she found happiness in a way she did not expect. Lexus made the decision to forego her anti-depressants in favor of movement to help her depression and she found it worked better than any medication she had been prescribed.
After taking third place at her pro debut and collecting Olympia points, Lexus and her coach had devised a plan to get her to the Olympia stage but it was quickly disrupted with the COVID-19 cancellations. Lexus talks about the new plan she and her coach have devised for her to step on that stage and how the lack of the gym has affected her depression.
In an incredibly unsettling story, Lexus shares how the coach she worked with for four years, and had known on an intimate level, completely disappeared from her life, almost overnight, while they were making decisions about pursuing her pro card at North Americans. Lexus demonstrated her tenacity as she pushed forward, however. Although she missed the cut off for North Americans, Lexus talks about how she decided to take on the Amateur Olympia without a coach. She did so with flying colors and ended up taking home her pro card and a huge sense of pride in herself.
Like most competitors, Lexus has faced backlash from her family regarding the pictures she chooses to post on social media showcasing all the hard work she put into her physique. Lexus talks about how she internally combats the disapproval, particularly from her grandmother, and how she copes with family members who don’t understand the bodybuilding lifestyle. “I’m not going to let someone who doesn’t like me or what I’m posting get to me,” Lexus says as she acknowledges the level of pride she experiences from seeing her hard work displayed.
As the episode concludes, Lexus shares her best pieces of advice for competitors in all different stages in the body building journey, from stepping on stage to striving for a pro card. In this insightful, inspiring and meaningful episode, Lexus shares how even though your coach may leave you and things might feel bleak, the best really is coming.



[1:55] Pre-stage Ritual
[2:52] Bodybuilding as an Antidepressant
[5:25] Recreating movement as an antidepressant without the gym
[6:59] Thoughts on the next Olympia
[8:22] A new show strategy after all the COVID-19 Cancellations
[10:14] A coach of 4 years and family friend disappears without an explanation
[16:50] The MIA coach tried to take responsibility for her success
[19:56] Prepping herself to her pro card
[22:22] Coaching yourself on a show day
[27:30] Maintaining her cycle at her lowest weight
[29:30] Differences between regional, national and international shows
[34:32] Achieving 3rd place at her pro debut
[37:49] Favorite Exercises for Hamstrings, Glutes and Shoulders
[40:29] Handling Shame from Loved ones
[43:34] Monethos’ pro management team
[44:49] Overcoming Negativity and Facing Eternal Battles
[45:59] How a degree in Neuroscience has helped Lexus in her career as a pro athlete
[48:04] Promoting the Power of Energy and Creating the Life you Want
[49:34] Best advice to both new competitors and those on the road to their pro card