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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Feb 14, 2020

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Jessica Lynn, an Arnold Australia competitor, dancer, hairstylist and makeup artist for over 11 years. Jessica has been competing since 2013 and earned her IFBB Pro Card in 2014. 

​In addition to competing for over seven years, Jessica is a small-town farm girl from Iowa and is married with two kitty fur-babies. While she is most often known for her notorious hair-flip on stage and bubbly personality, she is also an avid donut connoisseur, world traveler, music lover, and the only IFBB Bikini Pro living in Iowa!

Tune in to hear about Jessica’s thoughts on the evolution of bikini competitors physique on the amateur and IFBB Stage.

She discusses the ever-increasing competition in the pro division, the challenge of staying relevant to judges during off-season, the hunger for success, and the pressure of social media marketing.

Often known for her changing appearance on the stage, Jessica gives her opinion on hair color, complementing suit choice, and how it affects placing.

Jessica also opens up about her transition from crossfit strength training to lifting for aesthetic, giving credit to her 15 years of dance and competitive swimming for her stage presence and grace. She has also valued the importance of listening to your body rest to fight illness and finding the balance between rest and maintaining goals.

Jessica gives us insight on how to balance relationships outside of bodybuilding and creating a sustainable lifestyle.

She emphasizes the importance of mutual respect, communication, and compromise with her marriage and friends during prep. She opens up about post show rebound, temptation, willpower, and her struggles of falling off track.

She discusses the image she maintains on social media and keeping parts of her normal life offline. Celeste and Jessica also discuss the perspective of fitness influencers and the struggles of appearing consistently motivated/appeasing the audience.

Jessica gives Celeste and viewers her personal hair, skin, and makeup tips for show day. She discloses the most common mistakes with competitors and how hiring a professional may be necessary.

Jessica’s contagious and genuine personality provides an episode you do not want to miss!



[01:25] Stage Ritual
[08:12] Evolution of a Bikini Competitor/Expectations of a Pro
[12:15] How Jessica started in the fitness industry
[16:01] Building the physique from crossfit to bikini
[18:33] Jessica opens up about post-show rebound
[21:50] Building a life outside the stage
[26:10] Jessica speaks balance in relationships
[30:17] Willpower, saying no, and feeling guilty
[35:35] How to maintain muscle size
[37:02] Favorite memory as as competitor
[42:29] Favorite exercises for glutes, shoulders, and hamstrings
[45:34] Changing appearance to appeal for the judges
[53:23] Hair, Skin, and Makeup tips for the show
[56:20] Pushing through illness
[60:04] Coach and client relationship
[61:38] Tips for beginners/road to pro