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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Dec 6, 2019

Celeste Rains-Turk interviews Gina Scafoglio, a lifestyle and prep coach who has done 5 shows and self coached herself up until last year, we dive into lots of interesting, different, and perspective shifting topics like rave culture, reverse dieting, giving up control and trusting your coach, along with getting a spark back out of life.

We even dive into how Gina dealt with a debilitating injury leading up to USAs where she placed 1st and won her pro card then went on to place 4th at the prestigious Tampa Pro show.

Gina openly shares how she sets standards for herself in the improvement season despite having a very regimented/extreme plan, what she has done differently over the years to improve, and how she is sacrificing her love of competing short term to achieve her ultimate goal in the sport for long-term pleasure.

Gina talks about how important it is to her to enjoy life and how this impacts her when she gets back to work.

She talks about how she deals with every prep to bring her best before she even needs to be ready.

We get into why she decided to hire a coach after being self-coached, how her experience in the IFBB is different from the NPC, why she competes at all, and how she uses comparison to her advantage.

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