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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Dec 13, 2019

Self-coached from Day 1, 2013 to her IFBB Pro Status in 2015 and all Reverse and Improvement 'seasons' from 2013 to current… Host Celeste Rains-Turk speaks with Casey Samel who qualified for 3 Bikini Olympia’s ('16, '19, '20) with self-coaching, while leading her competition and lifestyle clients to success on and off the stage as the owner and founder of Team Casey. 

Tune in to hear about how Casey views placing after her experience in 36 shows, why she has only asked for judges feedback 3-4 times, a comment from Steve Weinberger she won't forget, and how it felt to be so close to the Ms Bikini Olympia title in 2017. 

Casey shares a behind the scenes look at what really happens and goes through athletes heads at the Olympia and the Arnold and what it is like to compete there. She talks about what happens when the curtains close, what it's like being on the go for so many of the weekend events, and what the girls do to celebrate each other and the hard work they have all dedicated to be there.

Casey gets into why she prefers IIFYM and how she implements it in her day to day life even with consideration for her love of donuts. This opens up a conversation where Celeste and Casey shine light on what it means to enjoy food and how important making those mindful decisions are when it comes to food. 

Casey also shares how she has been able to self-coach herself and some of the challenges she has had to learn to overcome in the process of evolving as a self-coached, natural, IFBB pro. She relays her aspirations and reasoning behind earning a coveted title at the Arnold or the Olympia and discusses how her experience at the Ben Weider naturals differed from other pro shows she has competed in and why she stepped on that stage in the first place. 

During this episode we get into the values Casey holds for her business and clients and how she has upheld and created comradery among her athletes as well as individual success with close personal attention to every competitor and client.

She also imparts powerful insights into establishing longevity in this sport which closely align with Celeste's view of mindset being the catalyst for champions. 

You don't want to miss this episode with one of the most elite bikini competitors in the game for the last 6 years.

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