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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Aug 3, 2022


To celebrate… there will be a LIVE party/ meet & greet next February in AZ where I hope to have guests from the show come to set up a meet n greet table, host panels & discussions, live podcasts, & lots of connecting & fun

This podcast has brought so many of us in the community together & shows us how deep this journey really is… an in person experience will be MAGIC

If you want to know more details on that then visit: to add your name to the info list

There are ONLY 35 limited edition crop tops available now that I special designed & had fully crystallized to celebrate this (swipe to see) you can order now at

From 2018 to now this podcast has been a source of pure joy & passion for me

What started as an idea while running on the treadmill of myself garage has turned into something I genuinely would have never imagined

I wanted so badly to shine light on the bikini division & the incredible athletes

I wanted to learn more about what was happening behind the scenes for them. Who they ARE on and off the stage…. I also knew success leaves clues and thought what better way to understand the Road to Pro than from pros themselves?

Since then I’ve had the most amazing guests, we’ve done cool series and feature episodes, and the vision is only getting bigger…

It is an HONOR to do this

I LOVE being able to bring you all new episodes every week. To hear that so many of you have goals of being on my show means SO much to me

When I meet you guys in person or receive messages or read reviews my heart always swells with so much gratitude and it humbles me as it feels like such a privilege to have been the first podcast of this kind but to also be among your most meaningful moments of your journey from cardio to meal prep or getting your mind right throughout the day…


THANK YOU!!!! :)