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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Mar 15, 2019

In this emotional episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk, speaks with Tianna Wesselmann, who started her fitness journey when she was a junior in college transforming her party days into gym sessions, her bodybuilding career started in 2013 and by 2017 earned her pro card at junior nationals in Chicago which was a show that meant a lot to her. This woman faced a lot of adversity growing up but found her faith, worth, and drive which helps her stay disciplined and success as a competitor.

Tune in to hear what Tianna thinks of social media, how to avoid the pressures that comes with the sport, and what challenges she faced that made her stronger than ever. She shares how she lets go of expectations, keeps her head up, doesn't concern herself with other competitors game plans, and stays focused even when she isn't competing.

​Tianna opens up in a raw and vulnerable way as she shares the loss of her college boyfriend who started this whole journey with her. She talks about what it was like growing up without money and how this influences her success today. Tianna even shares how she finds happiness, passion, and motivation to stay healthy and be consistent outside of the stage. 

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