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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

May 29, 2020

Special announcement! A new series is being released over on YouTube @celestial_fit where you can hear minisodes related to making peace with food, your body and your goals directly from me.

I will be sharing direct and immediately implementable knowledge around mindset, personal development, psychology, and other introspective topics for you to apply to your life.

In this announcement episode, I share the first one which provides insight into improving your relationship with food & overcoming that all or nothing mentality by shifting your perspective.

It was actually the exact shift I personally needed to help begin developing a healthier relationship with food. This series is consistent of short and sweet audio clips. Some will be dispersed on this podcast in the form of random minisodes as well as IGTV videos.

But make sure you are subscribed on YouTube so you don't miss them as they'll always be released their first... To get access to a few now visit my YouTube Channel:



1: "What's Worse? 1 Now or 10 Later?"; The Shift I Needed to Begin Mending My Relationship with Food.

2: The Motivating Question You Haven't Asked Yet but Need to Know the Answer to

3: 4 Journal Prompts for Strengthening Trust in Yourself to Get the Results You Want


Enjoy! and don't forget to tag me as you listen :) @celestial_fit