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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jan 4, 2019

In the first episode of 2019, Celeste talks to Stephanie Sequiera, a competitor who started her journey on stage in 2015 and got her pro card in 2016! She has a background in nutrition, psychology, and personal training she helps competitors and non-competitors achieve a heightened level of health and fitness.

During the episode Steph shares how coining herself as the ab chick has put some pressure on herself to live up to the name, how she gets her head out of the numbers game and shifted from being so concerned about the number on the scale to the way she feels more than anything.

She talks about how she encourages her own clients to accept weight for what it is and deal with the unexpected challenges of life, like when she got into a car accident and couldn't train upperbody and gained weight because of it. 

Stephanie opens up about some of her life struggles and how she made things happen with her online fitness coaching business to be able to support herself and her boyfriend. Steph and I get into the controversies of the body positive movement and how to improve your mindset for success.  Stephanie discusses how her career in the IFBB has been one of many losses, despite her success in the NPC early on; placing top 10 to dead last. She even shares what her mindset it like to keep her feeling on point and staying accountable. 


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