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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Oct 16, 2020

In this “comeback episode” Celeste sits down and talks with the “Brownie Boss” herself, creator of Bambody Nutrition, Stefanie Antorcha!

​Celeste and Stefanie waste no time and kick off the episode addressing the recent allegations that were made against Bambody by other individuals in the industry.

Stefanie opens up and shares more about what actually happened, how the situation arose, and how she herself found out about these allegations and accusations. She starts from the beginning and shares the challenges she and her business were already facing due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and where she was when she initially found out what had been happening on social media.

Celeste then asks Stefanie about her initial feelings and reactions to the accusations that were being made against Bambody and their products.

While explaining the situation, Stefanie shares her passion for her business and its customers, and how she feels they have become a family. She expresses the gratitude she felt for deciding to sit down with her team and finding the most professional manner to address the situation instead of immediately firing back to accusations via social media. Stefanie expresses that she wanted to really connect with and squash doubts from customers and people who truly care and support the company instead of giving attention to the internet trolls. 

Next, Celeste asks Stefanie if there are any details she wishes customers could have known about the complexities of the situation that attributed to why she couldn’t address the situation right away. Stefanie shares sympathy for her customers initial feelings, then explains in detail how they went about finding the lab and started the process of getting samples tested to have their own facts and results.

She explains the mix up with the postal service, the delay in delivering the packages containing their samples, and the toll that took on getting the lab results in a timely and efficient manner. Then, Stefanie explains that even upon obtaining the lab results she could not immediately share the results with customers.

She goes on to explain the intricacies and details of the results and how one would go about deciphering the numbers and percentages reflected, and why that took so much time for her to be able to properly interpret and communicate with customers. She also emphasizes the importance of being fully transparent with Bambody customers and her passion to always handle things the right way, comparing that to her feelings and values being a product consumer herself.

Celeste highlights Stefanie’s passion and dedication she has for always providing customers with the best product and the most information possible, without even being required to.

Celeste also touches on how her and other loyal customers questioned the claims against Bambody as they have been able to incorporate the treats into their daily nutrition plans and still achieve their goals.

Celeste also asks Stefanie to touch on the macro content and nutrition labels Bambody does provide customers and how it varies from the typical baked good or treat you find on grocery store shelves.

Transitioning from the process of and how Stefanie addressed the issue of the allegations made against Bambody, her and Celeste talk about the expanding product line and the changes Stefanie is making moving forward. Stefanie then breaks down the differences between the new lines; the Elite line, Guiltless Pleasure line, and the Indulgent line.

Next, Celeste and Stefanie talk about the new exciting holiday treats that will be releasing soon as the fall season is in full swing. After talking fun holiday releases Celeste asks if Stefanie ever gets creative at home and creates Bam treats outside of her official “Bambody kitchen.”  Celeste also asks Stefanie if there are any Bambody treats that her friends and family love, yet she isn’t over the moon about.

Stefanie shares a brief history of the evolution of Bambody and how she first started experimenting with macro friendly treats as she wanted something that would satisfy her sweet tooth yet keep her on track for her fitness goals.

She talks about how she got into bodybuilding when the typical competition diet was the “chicken, broccoli, and rice” and how she wanted to add variety in a fun and tasty way.

Celeste also shares her personal experiences in finding Bambody products and how she felt it helped her mend her relationship with food and allow herself freedom and flexibility in her diet, as well as allow herself to have an indulgent sweet treat on a regular basis yet that also supports her and her goals. 

Next, Celeste asks Stefanie about personal goals Stefanie has and she shares that she started working with a coach again and that she loves the idea of one day returning to the stage.

Then, the two women talk about Stefanie’s circle of friends and customers. Celeste asks Stefanie about the circle of love she has and maintains at all times and how she has developed such a strong support circle.

Concluding the episode Stefanie shares how listeners can further connect with and talk with her through her personal and business channels on social media.


Episode Time Stamps:

[0:50] Celeste introduces Stefanie and mentions topics to be discussed in her return episode.

[2:30] Stefanie opens up about the allegations made against Bambody by other names in the industry.

[6:50] Celeste asks Stefanie about her initial feelings and reactions to the accusations being made against her company.

[9:50] Stefanie shares how she decided the best way to first address the situation as a business owner as opposed to letting emotions fuel her response, even on social media.

[12:20] Celeste asks Stefanie to walk customers through the complexities of the situation when it came to immediately addressing concerns and doubts that arose about Bambody products.

[16:20] Stefanie explains why the lab results were not immediately posted after receiving them and how they are difficult to understand by the “average consumer.”

[19:45] Celeste asks Stefanie if the lab was able to share the results of the previous tests, product quantity, etc. with Stefanie.

[23:00] Stefanie talks about the nutrition labels on Bambody products and how they differ from other treats made in mass quantities and produced in factories.

[27:15] Celeste has Stefanie elaborate on the new product lines and changes Bambody will be making & coming out with moving forward.

[33:20] Stefanie shares exciting new holiday treats that will soon be released.

[37:00] Celeste asks if Stefanie ever makes her own “Bam experiments” in her own kitchen/at home setting.

[38:40] Celeste asks Stefanie if theres any Bambody treats she is impartial to, yet her family and friends really enjoy.

[42:00] Celeste shares how Bambody has personally helped her on her mindset and competing journey and relationship with food.

[43:40] Stefanie shares some of her current personal goal.

[46:30] Stefanie talks about how she has developed a supportive, close circle of friends.

[52:40] Stefanie tells listeners how they can connect with her