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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Oct 21, 2020

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​Today Celeste speaks with Elysa Weissbaum, brand coordinator of ProTan! Elysa has been the leader in the industry for 33 years, ranking #1 in products and customer service. They have been the official tanning company of Olympia for 16 years. Elysa trains, coordinates, and manages events. She loves to make connections with athletes and gets everyone involved with tanning to make memories a priority at each show. Outside of ProTan!, she has her heart focused on service in the special needs community, as well as traveling the world. 

Recently Celeste joined team ProTan! & wanted to provide the best insight on all things competition tanning directly from the source! ​You can use her code 'Celeste' at checkout on for a discount too!

Elysa keeps backstage fun and motivating by creating a show day playlist. Her heart is in the spray room where the reality of show day is setting in for the athletes. Tanning makes show day official, as if a competitor is putting on their war paint. She enjoys the aspect of being the one to start of the show day experience with athletes. 
Elysa recounts the memory of one of the top bikini athlete’s (listen to find out whose!) daughter spraying her mom’s back. Next, Elysa talks about what goes through her mind backstage. Elysa stresses that the whole team stays involved to make the athletes comfortable. Service is important.
The spray tanners put the competitors at ease with conversation. Through an introduction, they find something in common with the athlete to gain trust. Celeste and Elysa both agree that trust equals comfort.  Elysa talks about her most challenging situations as well as her experiences at prestigious shows like the Arnold or the Olympia
Elysa covers common misconceptions about nailing your tan and dispels conflicting information that athletes often receive. ProTan! is consistent in it’s messages, while still being able to evolve, adapt, and overcome changes in the industry. With brighter stage lights and larger physiques, ProTan! developed a new product called Top Coat. Her biggest wish is that everyone would be on the same page, the coach, athlete, judge, and tanner. She wants tanning standards to be part of the judging criteria.
Celeste asks if Elysa notices a difference in how an amateur and professional athlete communicate with spray tanners. Celeste gets Elysa to share what things athletes can do to make tanners' lives easier and make a better show day experience.
Celeste and Elysa begin discussing skin preparation and taking care of skin pre and post show. Elysa emphasizes the importance of listening to the tanning company and not straying from instructions. She often hears “I didn' I just...”; it’s a choice to not follow instructions. In this episode, Elysa breaks down exactly what you need for the best tan and even shares the best process to prepare for the tan and WHY skin preparation matters. 
Elysa explains the science and importance of proper skincare and skin prep! Celeste asks the best way to care for your skin when you have back to back shows and Elysa shares the best practices for girls being tanned at the show and girls using the DIY kit. Of course they discuss the situation of protecting tan from pee and fixing it after any mishaps. Celeste also asks Elysa for best advice with The DIY kit which offers the convenience to allow for variance and to do it on your own time but you won’t be disappointed with an in person ProTan! Experience :)



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Time Stamps:
[1:00] Celeste Introduces Elysa Weissbaum of ProTan!. Visit www.ProTan! and use code CELESTE
[2:56] Elysa talks about her show day/travel ritual of playlist to keep everyone happy and upbeat. 
[5:45] Elysa speaks to her past experience as an independent sunless tanner and being with  the competitors as the gravity of show day is setting in.
[6:29] Celeste asks Elysa what she does that other companies don’t do.
[8:26] Celeste asks what goes through Elysa’s  mind backstage.
[10:55] Elysa talks about reassuring nervous competitors about tanning process.
[13:15] Celeste asks if Elysa is personally nervous tanning someone.
[15:25] Elysa talks about addressing concerns with coaches.
[18:05] They discuss what needs to be known about tanning process. 
[21:50] Elysa discusses how preparation for shows like Olympia differs from a regional show.
[27:07] Elysa highlights both negative and positive experiences.
[34:35] Celeste asks about things to do to make tanners life easier. 
[38:20] Elysa talks about looking forward to shows and grieving their end.
[39:50] Elysa talks about making your tan the best it can be, pre and post show.
[44:55] What makes Get Buffed so great?
[51:15] They discuss skin prep for back to back shows.
[54:43] How does extending a tan change the use of the DIY kit or new spray tan?
[57:03] All about the DIY kit!
[62:20] How to fix pee marks on your tan.
[63:50] Reach out to Elysa by email with questions about the DIY kit.
[67:33] Insight, FAQs
[63:45] Close out

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