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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Mar 13, 2020

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk has the pleasure of interviewing a figure amateur-turned-bikini pro, inventor of swapTRAP & yoTRAP, business owner of TurnFIT, and disabled Air Force veteran Shonte Turner!
Tune in to hear Shonte’s journey of finding the stage while she was stationed overseas. Shonte explains how she was doing twice-a-day exercises and keeping a food diary before macros became popular in the fitness world. She emphasizes the importance of finding a passion in fitness and setting a routine to stay sane during and off competition prep. Furthermore, she reinforces the importance of having discipline in all aspects in life for maximum potential.
Shonte explains why she stayed in the figure division before secretly prepping for her first bikini competition despite the recommendation of her coach. Since turning pro, Shonte values the importance of listening to your body queues and taking diet breaks when needed.
Shonte opens up to Celeste about being an inventor and the expensive legal process involved. She explains the financial struggles of production and learning the business of sales/marketing. Shonte expresses the power of having supportive family, friends, and fellow competitors to help her business rise to what it is today.
Shonte’s success story and her no-bull personality provide listeners an episode unlike any other!

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[1:43] Stage ritual
[2:52] Shonte’s reason to start competing
[6:54] Evolution of training in bodybuilding
[13:16] Balancing life outside prep
[16:49] Switching from figure to bikini
[23:40] Struggles of being a disabled veteran
[25:22] Shonte’s road to pro
[32:59] Getting over a weight plateau
[37:46] Relationship with food/taking diet breaks
[46:33] Shonte’s invention/owning a business
[49:14 - 49:35] Accidental pause
[60:08] Balancing work/family/relationships
[63:29] How to be a marketable competitor athlete/business owner
[71:38] Shonte’s best advice for competitors