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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Apr 26, 2019

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk, speaks with Phoebe Hagan, an online fitness coach and posing coach from the UK who shares her passion for mindset work and competing with us!

We dive deep into the fears she had getting into competing, how she began working on her mindset, her 'Know Your Own Ability' campaign, and so much more. Phoebe discusses her new approach to competing that and how she is willing to do what it takes to achieve her goals.

She also discusses how she connects with her why for competing every day and what she thinks other athletes need to be doing when it comes to preparing for a show, an off-season, and everything in between.

If you have ever been afraid to take the leap to get on stage or have other fears, this is definitely an episode you will appreciate.

​Along with the discussion on how important it is to enjoy the process of prep, let go/step off the gas when necessary, and learn to embrace the lifestyle of a competitor. 

To connect with Phoebe: 
Instagram: @phoebehagan_
​YouTube: Phoebe Hagan

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