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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

May 13, 2020

In this episode Celeste speaks with Yeshaira Robles Rivera, a 6x pro champion who has been competing since 2011 and has stepped on both the Arnold and Olympia stages, designer for her husband's clothing line Conviction Bodybuilding apparel and mother. Celeste kicks off the episode the way she always does by having Yeshaira share with listeners her pre stage ritual.
From there the women discuss Yeshaira’s vulnerability on her social media platforms and what made her decide to share the triumphs and struggles of her journey as well as the wins and successes. Celeste and Yeshaira then talk about body image and how Yeshaira’s perspectives have changed over the years since having children.
Yeshaira also talks about her journey of going back and forth between competing and deciding to have her first and second child. The conversation transitions to Yeshaira’s struggles with staying consistent with working out and eating healthy in between shows and what drove her to put on her game face and prep hard for the Arnold this past March.
Yeshaira also shares details from her application to the Arnold and why competing at that show, especially as a mom, was so important to her. Celeste then asks about Yeshaira’s experience competing at such a prestigious show without an audience. From there the conversation transitions into Yeshaira’s relationship with her husband and she tells listeners the story of how they met, what made her decide to compete, and what it’s like being coached by her husband.
Celeste opens the conversation to the topic of body image and relationships with food and how Yeshaira approaches those subjects with her daughters and also how Yeshaira herself approaches these topics while living her “new normal.” Celeste asks Yeshaira about competing and all things posing and stage presentation even with diastasis recti, or the separation of the abdomen, from her pregnancies.
Yeshaira and Celeste discuss the evolution of the bikini division between 2010, when Yeshaira first got into the sport, and now, and how her training and nutrition has changed over the years. From there Yeshaira shares more about her relationship with her husband, how they keep things fun after being together for so long, and how she became apart of his clothing line, Conviction Bodybuilding apparel, and the vision her husband has for the community.
Yeshaira also shares what it was like growing up in the ghetto in the Bronx, New York. Celeste asks Yeshaira what her normal day to day looks like and how she finds balance and prioritizes time with family despite having such a busy schedule.
Celeste concludes the episode by asking Yeshaira for her best advice for women who are afraid to take time away from competing to become moms, as well as for mothers who are looking to get their start in competing.



Episode Time Stamps
[2:00] Yeshaira shares her pre-stage ritual.
[5:08] Celeste asks Yeshaira what made her decide to share the triumphs and struggles of her journey as a pro on her IGTV.
[8:35] Celeste asks how Yeshaira’s body image has changed over the years with competing and having her two daughters.
[12:00] Yeshaira talks about her journey of going back and forth between competing and having children over the years.
[14:30] Yeshaira opens up and talks about her experiences and struggles with eating and working out after and between shows.
[15:50] Yeshaira talks about what drove her to put her game face on and prep hard for this past Arnold.
[19:00] Yeshaira shares a part of what she wrote on her application to the Arnold and why competing at that show was important to her.
[25:10] Celeste asks Yeshaira what it was like to compete at the Arnold without having an audience.
[27:15] Yeshaira talks about how her and her husband met and how they both got starting in bodybuilding.
[32:30] Yeshaira answers a listener’s question about having received any doubt or judgement of her success, or felt less privileged than other competitors because she is from the Bronx.
[34:00] Celeste asks Yeshaira what it's like to be coached by her husband and how they maintain boundaries between the different roles they play.
[40:10] Celeste asks Yeshaira how she approaches the topic of body image and nutrition with her children.
[44:50] Yeshaira opens up on what she believes to be her “new normal” in terms of her body image and relationship with food.
[48:40] Celeste and Yeshaira discuss what it means to “enjoy yourself” and the ups and downs with diet culture.
[51:00] Yeshaira shares about her diastasis recti that came from her pregnancies and how that affected her posing and stage presentation.
[57:50] Celeste asks Yeshaira her thoughts on the development of the bikini division between 2010-2020.
[59:40] Yeshaira talks about how she changed her training and nutrition approach for her physique as the bikini division developed over time.
[64:00] Celeste asks Yeshaira about how her and her husband keep their relationship fun after having been together for so long and having gone through so much over the years.
[68:30] Yeshaira talks about working with her husband, the beginnings and the roll she has taken on in their clothing line Conviction Bodybuilding wear.
[70:17] Celeste asks Yeshaira about her experiences growing up in the ghetto.
[74:10] Yeshaira shares what her normal day to day routines consists of.
[77:23] Celeste asks Yeshaira how she prioritizes time with her family despite her busy schedule.
[78:20] Yeshaira gives advice to women who want to become moms but are afraid to take time away from competing and for moms who want to get into competing.