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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jan 31, 2020

In this episode, Host Celeste Rains-Turk talks to Morgan Lindsey, online fitness and mindset coach who works with bikini and lifestyle clients with her slogan change your mindset change your life, she is co owner of drizzle cookie co, has been competing for four years and went pro in 2017 at her second national show. 

Morgan talks about how she fell into competing, what she does every day for her mindset, and how she overcomes her Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She opens up about what it was like to be bullied in school and how her fixation on being skinny led to disordered eating behaviors and negative body image.

Morgan also discusses how she has and continues to work through body image related issues as a competitor. She shares her passion for cookies, her love of personal development, and her belief about the power of being in the present moment. 

Morgan gives us insight into what she does to help her clients when they have moments of anxiety and her take on moving past 'slip ups'. She shares some of her thoughts on the current coaching industry and talks about what she would like to see change like macroshaming and comparison traps. Morgan discusses her approach with clients and how she has been able to help others develop lifestyles like she has. She even gives her daily habits that have and consistently help her. 

Morgan tells us about what it was like to leave a stable corporate job for her coaching business. She talks about waitressing to keep herself afloat while building her brand and expresses how much she loves what she does. 

Morgan also co-owns Drizzle Cookie Co. with her best friend Ashley Bowden.  She talks about how they started, why they started, and what sets them apart from other cookie companies. She even gives us some insight into their goals and plans for the company and how they run it now. 

Morgan answers listener submitted questions about motivation, supplements, workouts, glute building, and more. This episode is full of implementable information and activities from Morgan and Celeste so make sure to listen closely so you don't miss the golden nugget that could help you change your life!

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