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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jun 28, 2019

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk, chats with Marisa Woo, a full time student at SDSU studying Kinesiology with an emphasis in fitness specialist! She is currently a bikini posing coach and an online coach for lifestyle clients and competitors.

Tune in to hear about how Marisa has come out of prepping for so long to get her procard to now finding the lifestyle that works for her. She talks to us about how some of her priorities like family were neglected in prep and what she is doing now to make the most of it. She shares why she decided to wait until 2020 to compete, what she is doing to create more symmetry in her physique, and how time and consistency has helped with her mindset.

Marisa opens up about how she has become more present in life by looking up from social media, what it was like to be isolated by people in her life when she got into bodybuilding, and how she has been able to successful find and know who she is without a show date in mind.

We get into the wellness division and how it is a great opportunity for women who are in the inbetween shape or don't want to kill themselves over morphing their physique into something it isn't. Getting into topics like how bringing different physiques to the stage has impacted her as a competitor, hiding flaws on stage, and how comparing yourself to your old packages isn't always the best idea.

She even talks about how staying lean for so long impacted her hormones and health and why she believes there is a lifestyle that can be sustained and loved that fits your own unique desires.

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