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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Aug 30, 2019

In this episode, Host, Celeste Rains-Turk chats with Katie Kopfle, who lives and breathes all things competing and uses this passion in her competition prep and posing coaching business.

Tune in to hear about how competing actually saved her from 7 years of having an eating disorder. Katie shares how she was able to switch her focus to becoming strong and muscular versus skin and bones.

She opens up about some negative coaching experiences she has had and the red flags to look out for along with her opinion on taking responsibility and trust in what your coach tells you to do.

Katie discusses why she is prepping herself, how it has changed her life, and what she is going to do to maintain her health year round despite the point system.

Katie talks about how she moved into coaching other competitors, how she has learned to appreciate the struggles, and why girls need to stop prepping just to stay relevant.

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