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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Mar 27, 2020

In this episode Celeste talks with Jenn Scott, an IFBB Bikini Pro from Canada who began competing in 2017 with plans of only competing in 1 show but after not placing well or being satisfied with her final package, she was determined to compete again to prove to herself that she could do better. From there, this athlete fell in love with the sport. 8 competitions later and she earned her pro card then went on to get 3rd place at her pro debut.

Celeste & Jenn kick off the episode discussing Jenn’s first experience in competing and how it was far from what she expected, yet ended up setting the goal to compete again as she was determined to do better and improve.

Jenn shares some tips she uses as her show day approaches while balancing a full time job and competing. Celeste and Jenn discuss all things seasonings and salt manipulation, the strategies Jenn uses with these parts of her prep diet and Jenn discloses her “weird thing” she does during prep.

Jenn shares what she feels is  one of the most frustrating parts of the fitness industry, how social media can be deceiving, and the pros and cons it can have for competitors.

Celeste and Jenn also talk about some warning signs or “red flag” behaviors new competitors should look out for before hiring a coach. Jenn opens up about her various experiences with the different coaches she’s had during her career as both an amateur and professional athlete and Jenn shares with us some of the negative experiences she’s had, what she’s learned, steps she took before finding her current coach.

Jenn explains her opinions on big vs smaller teams in the sport, which she feels is better for her after dealing with a coach who had doubted her potential to achieve the pro status.

Celeste dives into a topic with Jenn that hasn’t been discussed in detail before on the podcast: family planning. Jenn goes into detail about her current thoughts on her competition career as a pro, when she’d like to a family, doubts she has about her possibility to become pregnant, and her husbands thoughts on the subject.

Celeste and Jenn wrap up the episode by Jenn giving her favorite exercises for key muscle groups bikini girls focus on, as well as tips for new competitors and girls going for their pro card.

[2:10] Pre stage ritual
[4:30] Jenn talks about her approach to life & prep as she gets closer to shows, 4-5 weeks out
[8:20] Jenn shares a “weird thing” she does especially during prep
[10:00] Celeste asks Jenn about salt manipulation strategies she uses as show day approaches
[14:05] Jenn talks about how she manages her schedule while prepping & working full time
[16:22] Jenn tells us about her most difficult prep
[20:30] Celeste points out a “red flag” behavior that competitors should be aware of from their coach when it comes to competition diet & cardio
[21:35] Celeste asks Jenn what she finds most frustrating about the fitness industry
[23:40] Celeste & Jenn dive into the topic of social media & what influence or difference its had on Jenn’s career both as an amateur & professional in the sport
[30:00] Jenn talks about her experience with a coach who doubted her ability to turn pro
[34:21] Jenn shares what she has learned over the years working with different coaches that led her to choose the coach she is with now
[38:00] Celeste & Jenn talk about what she has learned & what new protocols she has implemented since working with her new coach
[41:30] Celeste asks Jenn if she has gotten into coaching after having different experiences with different coaches herself
[46:20] Jenn discusses the topic of family planning, her thoughts on competing vs starting a family
[50:00] Jenn opens up about birth control & competing, concerns about being able to get pregnant, should she continue competing or try to get pregnant?
[55:20] Celeste asks Jenn if she would come back to competing after starting a family
[63:40] Jenn reveals her top exercises for glutes, hamstrings and shoulders
[67:45] Jenn gives her best advice to newbie competitors and girls on their road to pro
[70:50] Jenn shares her social media platforms & where she can be contacted