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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jun 1, 2018

In this episode, Celeste speaks with, Dr. Jessica Wilson, a full time veterinarian who has residency in dentistry and oral surgery and is currently practicing end of life care and hospice in orange county, CA

Tune in to hear about what inspired her to start bodybuilding and her key building blocks to putting on more size and muscle and staying inspired to keep competing after getting last call-outs at a National show she felt she had brought her best to and how she managed to gain her procard not long after that show...

​She also dives into the responsibilities of the athlete and the coach, how to find the best coach for you, and how having a coach has changed her life.

Jess also shares her struggles with stress and anxiety and how she works through these blocks to keep going despite stress and anxiety that balancing work and life can bring. All while embracing a positive mindset, deciding to make a change, and even gain insight from how she utilizes visualization and speaks her dreams into existence not only in bodybuilding but also in her life and business.

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