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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Sep 18, 2020

In this week’s episode host Celeste Rains-Turk sits down with IFBB Bikini Professional, Wife, Pharmacist, Esthetician and business owner Brittney Dayne to discuss how she Reveals Her Truth in her own journey.

With a history in ballet, Brittney finds being on stage to be a very natural experience. She shares how her knowledge in dance has helped her to recognize exactly what she needed to do in her own posing through how it feels and by paying attention to details. Even with all of this she stresses the importance of remembering that posing simply creates an illusion of how your body is “supposed to” look. She also discusses the importance of not falling victim to the comparison game and that photos on Instagram don’t tell the whole story.

As a world traveler, Brittney shares some of her most memorable trips, including an underwater hotel room in East Africa. She talks about how important it is to her and her husband to prioritize travel in their marriage. As both her and her husband are competitors, she shares how they time out trips so they can let the vacation serve it’s purpose: reenergizing and recharging.

Brittney talks a lot how her spiritual journey has helped her to recognize how things time out as God intends them to, whether that be receiving her pro card or starting a family. She shares how she and here husband struggle with infertility. After a failed round of IVF, Brittney heard the sermon she needed to hear on the importance of trusting God’s timing.

As a business owner, Brittney passionately talks about the natural skincare line she has developed called RYT Skincare, which stands for Reveal Your Truth. And although a big part of her brand is focused on the skincare, Brittney talks about another huge aspect which is Revealing Your Truth. For Brittney, this was sharing her journey of infertility and the depression that came from that. In revealing her truth she found a community of women who had been going through struggles similar to her own.

As the episode draws to a close, Brittney gives her best advice to both first time competitors and those on their road to pro. Although different, both pieces of advice have a similar theme, one Brittney feels very passionate about and is excited to share with the world: Reveal You Truth.




[1:58] Pre Stage Rituals
[3:44] Feedback from the Tampa Pro
[5:15] Post Show Weight Gain
[8:53] The Impotence of Giving your Coach time to get to know you
[11:02] Adjusting physically and mentally to a hectic prep schedule
[12:30] Giving yourself grace to rest when you need to
[14:32] Competition Journey
[18:17] Ballet Background and how it helps in posing
[21:59] Showing up for yourself every chance that you get
[24:42] Non-negotiables in her marriage
[30:40] Travel recommendations
[34:44] Prioritizing travel in her marriage
[38:15] Differences between vacation life and day to day life
[41:59] The decision to take time off from the stage
[46:22] Having fun on the stage
[48:57] Infertility journey
[53:44] Choosing to discontinue fertility treatments and trusting God’s timing
[58:45] RYT Skincare
[1:00:52] Overall Business Mission
[1:04:10] Returning to the stage for mental and physical health
[1:08:20] How to find RYT Skincare
[1:11:17] Developing the RYT Skincare formula
[1:15:04] Best advice for first time competitors and those on the road to pro