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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Nov 29, 2019

Host Celeste Rains-Turk has an in depth conversation with Daraja Hill, someone people are calling a prodigy in the sport since starting in June 2018 to being Olympia qualified 15 months later this athlete has a Bachelors degree in athletic training and a goal of earning her doctorate in physical therapy, she is showing everyone that you can balance your life while being successful as a competitor.

Tune in to hear not just the training and nutrition protocol she follows but more so the mindset she has cultivated to attract and accept the success she has been having. We get into how she grew her glutes while bringing her legs down, how being close to her coach Paul Revlia has made a difference in her life, and how she was able to center herself in the experience more than the result. 

Daraja opens up about how she has been able to create sponsorship opportunities through ambassadorships and what her 'just say yes' mentality has done for her. She talks about her beliefs that keep her moving forward as well as how she trains in the gym. She talks about her fiances adjustment to her personal development and success too. 

Daraja and Celeste get into post-show weight gain, making peace with a new identity, and learning to focus on performance above all else. They get into the beauty of passion driven decisions, trusting your gut, and going after what you want. They also share why having goals outside of competing is so important and how it keeps you focused. Celeste and Daraja also discuss how empowering sharing love and appreciation for others is as well as how meaningful it is when people share love and appreciation to us. 

In this episode Daraja also talks about how she is focusing on bringing her best for the Olympia, whether or not she will be applying for the Arnold, and why judges feedback has been so beneficial for her over the last 15 months.  

Daraja also discusses how she manages balancing all the different areas of her life and how the structure of prep has forced her to create structure in other areas of life from school to work to relationships.  And shares how she makes time for herself.

This one is jam packed with insights on her mindset, approach to life, feelings about her success, and even covering some of the questions submitted by listeners to Celeste's Instagram Story pre-interview!

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