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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jun 13, 2019

In this exclusive feature episode of Coach's Week, we are hearing from Paul Revelia, BA, MBA, is a lifelong competitive athlete, having played basketball, volleyball, and baseball, finishing a successful NCAA pitching career at Valdosta State University.

​Athletics kept him anchored in training even while his career moved into IT and software development. He eventually became inspired to push himself to achieve his best physique and ended up on a bodybuilding stage.

​It only took two years of competition for Paul to win an NGA pro card, and eight years later he achieved the runner-up position in men’s physique at the Yorton Cup. Revelia is the founder of Pro Physique, LLC, a leading full-service contest prep company. He spends his time developing his Pro Physique coaching staff, publishing industry-leading content, speaking at fitness and science conferences, and maintains an active coaching schedule with clients of all levels.

Tune in to hear all about Paul's take on getting to know client's on a personal level, doing what it takes to be successful even when it meant changing his ways, and what he has done to continuously improving as a coach.

Paul opens up about what he has had to learn over time to develop and improve his philosophy and work he does, why he sends video messages to his clients, how he personalizes each plan, and the way he sets his client's up to have goals post show. 

He goes into why he no longer implements a ton of HIIT cardio and how it has relieved many of the 'prep feels' and how Ronnie Coleman influenced this decision. Paul talks about the caloric thresholds he won't cross when it comes to grams of carbs and fats. Paul also shares his perspective on good coach v bad coach, why he can't ignore that politics do exist, and how genetics will determine the phenomenal from average.

Paul addresses his views on approaching a client if they have rebounded and how he handles the situation along with what he does to make sure that the relationship he has with his client's is meaningful and can generate results.

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