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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Aug 21, 2020

In this week’s episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk dives head first into heavy hitting subjects in the bikini bodybuilding world with fitness coach turned IFBB Pro Chyanne Jacomini. After leaving a fortune 500 company to pursue her dreams of being a fitness coach Chyanne rose in the ranks in the bikini division earning her pro title in 2019 and continuing to stay in the top 10 of all of her IFBB shows.

Chyanne opens up to Celeste about having the courage and support from her significant other to leave corporate America to pursue her dreams of being a fitness entrepreneur. Chyanne discusses how forcing herself to rest and spending quality time with family has impacted her physical health for the better. She explains how not having a set time limit for the gym gives her peace of mind. Chyanne and Celeste also discuss the problems with turning to food when anxious and how living in an area that sparks joy could help mitigate these tendencies.

Chyanne gives details on her journey of motherhood to becoming an IFBB bikini professional. She initially used competing to bounce back from pregnancy. She explains how she had several doubts during her first prep and nearly dropped out, however the guidance of her friends and coach gave her the courage to push through. 

After competing for her first show and riding on her huge accomplishment, Chyanne
wanted to use her new platform to help provide for her son and aide other women in their fitness journey. Chyanne says the key to staying in the top 5 at Nationals was slowly gaining weight back post show. She believes staying between 8-10 pounds of her stage weight allows for an easier prep, but gives herself grace in the off season to eat desserts. 

Chyanne says that mindfulness and envisioning herself being awarded her IFBB pro card throughout prep was instrumental in earning her title. Chyanne also explains how she initially preferred structured meal plans over macro counting, however switching to a year-round flexible dieting has brought overall happiness. Even though she has only been counting macros for approximately 6 months, she feels stronger than ever, her relationship with food has improved, and has made personal records in the gym.

Celeste asks Chyanne about her struggles with having joint custody of her child. She admits to being in a very dark place in her life and initially shut herself away from the world. Chyanne also discusses how her son needed to be resuscitated after birth and how this event has impacted her life. and Chyanne discusses the challenge of moving and sharing her son with his biological father and how she has had to
strategically plan her workouts around this. Chyanne had to allow herself to be OK with missing workouts to make her son a priority.

Celeste ends the episode by discussing Chyanne’s influence on social media, her feelings of being in an interracial relationship, ignoring racist comments on Instagram, and her views on cancel culture in mainstream media. Finally, Celeste asks Chyanne how she stays confident and feels sexy after becoming a mother. Chyanne expresses that all women can be sexy, regardless of how lean or curvy you are!



[1:27] Chyanne’s stage ritual
[4:30] Chyanne speaks about her life in corporate America and how she found her confidence to leave
[15:15] How leaving her 9-5 job gave her back freedom, sleep, personal happiness
[20:22] Chyanne discusses her move from Las Angeles to Las Vegas
[29:49] From motherhood to bodybuilding: having a family and monetizing her bodybuilding career
[39:20] How Chyanne stayed top 5 at Nationals and top 10 in the IFBB league
[53:02] Changing coaches, promoting her own diet/fitness coaching/switching meal plans
[1:15:22] How changing her food choices affected her workouts
[1:21:28] Chyanne’s favorite workouts
[1:24:08] Chayanne's struggle with custody of her child and how it almost ended her bodybuilding career
[1:39:20] Being a social media fitness influencer/ Her story of interracial relationship discrimination /
Cancel culture on social media
[1:52:37] Feeling sexy and confident postpartum/judgement from other mothers
[2:03:06] Chyanne’s advice for the women wanting to start bodybuilding and who are looking to turn pro