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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jan 22, 2021

In this week's episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk has the pleasure of speaking with Chelsea Stonestreet, a 29 year old business development director for Spooner physical therapy and a realtor in Arizona who also provides online lifestyle coaching. who used to be a competitive boxer before having her now 8 year old daughter. She started bodybuilding 3 and a half years ago and fell in love with the structure of prep as it was one thing she could control in her life on her mission to be confident in her body post baby. 

Even though she didn’t love being on stage, was told she couldn’t be successful in the sport due to severe stretch marks, and getting second callouts all at her first show she decided she could do better and proved to herself she was the only one who would define her success. This sparked the next 3 years and ultimately after 12 shows a first place and pro card win at NPC Universe. This soon to be wife and step mom serves as a powerful example that anything is possible if you put in the work and never give up.

Chelsea explains to Celeste about her first show-day experience and insecurities about wearing a bikini. Even though Chelsea has been successful in the IFBB division, she was once told at the amateur level that her stretch marks on her abdomen would hold her back from success. 

Due to her competitive nature and desire to better herself, Chelsea dove into self-improvement eventually earning her IFBB title at NPC Universe after twelve shows. Chelsea now reflects on her past struggles and successes before stepping on stage to truly enjoy the experience.

Chelsea discusses her previous passion for boxing. She states that competitive boxing and bikini bodybuilding have similarities, mostly by subjecting yourself to the judgement of hundreds of people in the crowd. 

Chelsea oftentimes has to reflect on her boxing experiences to get herself calm her nerves, “You can get into a [boxing] ring and get yourself knocked out, you can throw yourself in a bikini and go on stage” Furthermore, Chelsea states her strength of digging deep and pushing further than last time allows her to shine in competition prep.  

Celeste asks Chelsea why she decided to transition from boxing to bodybuilding. Chelsea believes getting punched repeatedly will affect her mental and physical long-term health. Although she has always loved the sport of bodybuilding, being a single mom made her weigh the importance of family over injury. She will occasionally “hit the bag” for stress relief and cardio during her offseason. 

Celeste and Chelsea discuss her training on prep and post season. Chelsea focuses on increased calories and heavy lifting in the offseason as she is able to build muscle easily. As a lifestyle coach, she develops circuit style training and bodyweight exercises while keeping the main focus on movement. 

Chelsea informs Celeste on her body improvements over the years. During her final national show, Chelsea was told she was too lean and conditioned and was able to feed herself up to the next show. 

Chelsea advises listeners to find a trustworthy and quality coach that gives adequate feedback as feedback from the judges can be confusing and frustrating.  Celeste explains that if you love the sport, you will continue to pursue it despite the differing feedback of judges.

Chelsea discusses how minor details matter for placement. Suit color is a priority for her coach and believes red is the best color for her overall package. Chelsea emphasizes that stage presence and overall package, to include your suit color, can be the difference between placement. 

Chelsea tells Celeste she has never been told by a judge that her stretch marks affected her placement. Chelsea has been micro needling to improve the color and density of her stretch marks and has noticed great changes.

Chelsea shares that both herself and Fiancé earned their IFBB pro cards at the NPC Universe! Prior to meeting her Fiancé, she accepted being a single mother. Chelesa admits to initially being scared of being a step-mother but has fallen in love with her Fiancés children over the years. 

Chelsea is proud to have influence on young children and to provide siblings for her daughter. Celeste and Chelsea praise the newest Bikini Olympian and are happy to see a mother win the title. Furthermore, Chelsea values quality family bonding and makes sure to have family dinner every night without cell phones. 

Finally, Chelsea tells Celeste her goals as an IFBB Pro while providing listeners and fellow competitors advice on reaching the IFBB stage. Chelsea’s impressive background and humble demeanor provides an episode you do not want to miss!







[2:10] Chelsea’s stage ritual

[4:57] Chelsea discusses her first show and insecurities after having a child

[6:50] Chelsea’s boxing career and how it has impacted her 

[10:17] Celeste and Chelsea discuss her reason for leaving boxing

[12:46] Chelsea’s diet and lifestyle during prep and offseason

[13:45] Chelsea’s favorite exercises

[16:18] Chelsea’s coaching tips and tricks/her training approach to clients

[17:40] How Chelsea’s training has evolved over the years/advice on receiving feedback

[26:00] Chelsea discusses the importance of stage presence and overall package

[29:01] Chelsea’s IFBB Pro debut experience

[31:44] Chelsea discusses her stretch marks

[35:40] Chelsea shares her experience of watching the Olympia 2020 in person

[37:13] Chelsea opens up about her family life and being a single mother.

[41:13] How Chelsea has prioritized her family and career.

[45:10] Chelsea discusses her businesses and hobbies outside of bodybuilding

[46:55] Chelsea gives advice on first-time home buyers

[49:05] Best memories as an amatuer/future plans as an IFBB Pro

[51:24] Chelsea's advice for competitors reaching for their Pro cards.