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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Jul 20, 2019

I wanted to make a quick announcement to do some housekeeping since I record my episodes so far in advance I don’t always get to announce or share exactly what is going on or provide updates or sometimes things are not as up to date as I would like!

So I did want to let you all know that there is officially a date and location for the bikini mastermind live event and I am so excited about it, I had put out interest forms about where you guys wanted it to be and if you would pay for it and just getting info and insight from you all during the planning stages.

I did decide to make it Free for those who show up and I am going to host it in San Diego on Saturday October 12, 2019 since most people said they would go anywhere but those who didn’t say anywhere did say San Diego was their pick

I do want to capitalize on the time I will be spending with those coming so I am limiting the number of seats to no more than 15. I am excited to meet those of you who are already registered and can’t wait to connect with those of you who are ready to go sign up now!

The theme of this event of course is building more than just a body and we won’t just be diving into things that many competitors struggles with in the offseason or with the post show blues or your relationship with food, your body and your goals but we are also going to dive into the mindset of prepping.

The purpose of this event is to make sure that you come out of it with a mindset that supports you where you are at in this journey of competing Whether you are new to the sport and prepping for your first show, or you are struggling with the post show blues, or you will be wrapping up or starting a new season at the time, or maybe you are in a bit of a limbo stage.

You are going to develop the mindset required and learn the psychology and personal development tools for loving your body, having a healthy relationship with food, enjoying a fulfilling prep, and connecting deeply with your goals

Regardless, we all know that it takes incredible effort to commit to creating our physique or committing to this lifestyle and sometimes it can be easy to go on autopilot so I want to make sure that regardless of if you do or do not have a date in mind, you have the mindset that supports you all the way through.

We are going to be having a lot of fun talking to each other, sharing experiences, stories, and just creating real connections in person but of course I am going to be sharing with you guys some of my key principles, insights, practices, and mentorship on topics including the relationship you have with food, body image, mindset identity and personal development work, self-love, standard and expectation setting, and so much more truly we are just going to go really deep and I will be in contact with attendees leading up to it to make sure that I tailor the event even more so to you and your needs

As a coach to many bikini competitors I am excited to show even more of you face to face in a really beautiful, warm, and open setting how I combine psychology with personal development using my signature PTG process to help competitors build more than just a body. I have been in your position and get it, as a competitor myself I am no stranger to the post show blues or the mental demand that prep has or even the toll of not knowing what is next.

Throughout my time earning my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology I focused my studies on eating disorders, body image, self-concept, mindfulness, and personal growth. During my time in school I wrote a #1 best-selling self-help book called 'Believe your way to Badass' and became a highly sought after personal development coach worldwide. After experiencing the post-show blues myself, healing my own negative relationship with food and learning to love my body at every stage, I made it my mission to help other competitors Build More than Just a Body.

Like I said, this is a free event for those who show up but there is a butts in seats fee to make sure I get the proper sized venue, come prepared with the right amount of extra fun stuff, and of course make sure I know that you will be there. It is an accountability thing really. So, you pay $35 to reserve your seat, then I give you that money back only when you arrive for the event.

If you are interested in coming and would like to reserve your seat or learn more make sure to click HERE or on the podcasts main page of course you can always reach out to me on Instagram for more info and any questions you might have that’s @celestial_fit.