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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Oct 23, 2020

Today, IFBB Professional Ashlyn Brown makes her second appearance on “Confessions of a Bikini Pro”.  In this exciting episode, Celeste and Ashlyn discuss all the major changes and events that have happened since Ashlyn’s debut to the podcast in December of 2018 which you can hear here: 

Ashlyn goes in depth about her exciting journey, qualifying for the 2020 Olympia!  She provides details on her various placings, feedback received from judges, and other realistic show day experiences. 

Ashlyn shares her positive experiences working with Jamie Bernard of FitBody Fusion, and expresses how her life has changed since joining the team.  She goes on to talk about how Jamie’s mentorship has been a springboard for Ashlyn to influence and inspire athletes of her own.  Celeste asks essential questions about show day presentation, and how to find and perfect show day polish. 

The pair discuss Ashlyn’s podcast, The Center Stage, which she co-hosts with fellow IFBB Professional Beatriz Biscaia.  They go on to talk through the importance of showing up for yourself, defining factors between those who turn pro and those who do not, and how the ultimate goal for bikini athletes is not a trophy or placing - but rather to persist, improve and bring your personal best each and every time. 

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Episode Timestamps 
[00:45] Celeste re-introduces Ashlyn onto the show, outlining her past goals which have become current realities.
[1:36] Celeste mentions some of Ashlyns contributions to the bodybuilding community 
[2:20] Ashlyn talks about her successful rookie season, leading up to her 2020 Olympia qualification 
[4:00] Ashlyn discuss some of the overlooked aspects of being an amateur, and how she improved her polish as a pro athlete
[5:25] Ashlyn talks about her San Antonio Pro debut, placing, suit colors and her overall look 
[6:40] Ashlyn talks about her best and worst placings, and the different variables between them
[10:33] Ashlyn mentions her 8 week break, re-starting her season, and Pre-Covid show plans
[11:50] Ashlyn talks about her Northern California show and competing after a longer than anticipated off-season
[12:15] Ashlyn discusses her positive post-show feedback w head judge Sandy 
[13:12] Ashlyn talks about her decision to compete next to olympians if she wishes to step on the Olympia stage
[13:50] Ashlyn discusses the Tampa Pro and placing 3rd
[14:56] Ashlyn discusses the judges feedback from the Tampa Pro
[15:39] Ashlyn talks about her driving motivator; feedback.
[15:26] Ashlyn talks about her Klash championship experience 
[16:36] Ashlyn mentions drastically changing her posing the night before Klash and the stressors that came along with that decision
[19:12] Ashlyn talks about the importance of a coach, and trusting them with everything
[20:08] Ashlyn mentions the success that came with her posing modifications 
[20:51] Celeste reiterates the importance of “the outcome does not matter” and how that contributes to Ashlyn’s success as an athlete
[21:46] Ashlyn discusses how she loves the challenges of bodybuilding, and how that motivates her to be better 
[22:36] Ashlyn talks about the insignificance of placing to her, because of her pure passion for the sport itself 
[22:50] Celeste questions about doubts arising backstage, if Ashlyn ever experiences such situations 
[22:13] Ashlyn truthfully responds to Celestes question, and discuses how doubt is something we all experience
[24:44] Celeste asks Ashlyn about her polish and presentation and how she made her decisions regarding these important aspects of competing 
[25:20] Ashlyn talks about how she used the feedback from judges to make future decisions 
[26:10] Ashlyn points out that having a natural hair color is more of what the judges are looking for
[26:30] Ashlyn talks about her previous show looks and feedback from the judges on each of them
[29:00] Ashlyn talks about her decision to stick to more neutral colors for her overall look 
[30:00] Ashlyn talks about the hair and makeup colors that work well for her 
[30:35] Ashlyn mentions the importance of constantly getting feedback from judges and working on their feedback 
[31:20] Ashlyn talks about some of the aspects she is still tweaking to improve her overall look
[31:45] Ashlyn mentions her plans to do a show before competing in the 2020 Olympia
[33:08] Celeste inquires about what feedback Ashlyn is currently focusing on
[33:42] Ashlyn discusses the feedback she received from both Tyler and Sandy at the NY Pro and how she will incorporate that into upcoming shows
[35:53] Celeste asks Ashlyn to talk about her short mini break, and how this differed from a regular post show break 
[36:25] Ashlyn discusses how she wanted to take a break from tracking while traveling with her husband, and how she hit her goals while still enjoying herself 
[38:20] Ashlyn mentions her eating plan before starting prep (2 weeks intuitive eating, 1 week tracking macros) 
[38:45] Celeste talks about how enjoying yourself does not have to mean losing control of your identity, and having
[39:43] Celeste transitions into Ashlyn’s podcast, and the original goal/vision for the podcast 
[40:14] Ashlyn talks about how her and co-host, Beatrice have shared their prep experiences on their podcast
[42:00] Celeste and Ashlyn talk about how their podcasts are a way to share experiences and inspire others through their platform 
[44:00] Celeste comments on the many ways Ashlyn’s life has changed, and the various opportunities that have arisen because of these changes
[44:20] Ashlyn talks about how being uncomfortable promotes growth and provides challenge 
[45:06] Ashlyn mentions the importance of having her coach to show her all of the ins and outs of the industry 
[46:24] Celeste asks Ashlyn about some ways she encourages her clients to go for opportunities 
[46:55] Ashlyn discusses one of her current clients and how they have successfully worked together, despite some obstacles 
[48:42] Ashlyn talks about how she instills what Jamie gave her into her own clients to help them succeed. 
[49:53] Celeste asks Ashlyn’s option on the separating factors between those who turn pro and those who do not
[50:22] Ashlyn talks about the inconsistencies of bikini and importance of continuing to show up.
[51:21] Ashlyn talks about how her own experiences with perfecting polish have defined her eye for her own athletes 
[52:35] Ashlyn sets some healthy expectations for amateur athletes looking to turn pro
[53:46] Ashlyn talks about her mindset for every show is to get better
[54:33] Celeste asks about Ashlyn’s time management when prepping for shows 
[54:55] Ashlyn mentions her process for maintaining a busy schedule and staying organized
[56:33] Celeste thanks Ashlyn for her insight and advices that she provided on the show
[57:08] Celeste asks Ashlyn to share how listeners can find her podcast or get touch with her