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Confessions of a Bikini Pro

Feb 28, 2020

In this episode, host Celeste Rains-Turk sits down with IFFB Pro Ashley Parker, a soon-to-be 26-year-old who has been competing for two years and was the overall champion at Junior USA’s in 2019.
Even though Ashley had never been to a show prior to competing, this Tennessee woman shares how her competitive nature drove her to take on her first prep and how that determination helped her bring home the overall the first time she had ever seen the stage.

​Ashley talks about how her commitment to the process helped her achieve the incredible result of not placing below second as an amateur, despite anxiety around not being ready for shows.
Ashley shares how it felt to transition from the amateur level to the pros as she became “such a small fish in a huge pond”. After the lowest placing she had received in her competitive career, she talks about the comments she received from the judges and how she built muscle without an extended offseason to fulfill the feedback.
As Ashley entered a recent offseason, she talks about letting go of that signature lean look and how she changes her mindset to embrace the new phase of her training. She also shares a few tricks she uses to keep herself feeling full and satisfy her sweet tooth.
Ashley also talks about feedback she received from her coach about her hips being uneven and how prioritizing body work such as scraping, foam rolling, ice baths and more has helped her to correct the imbalance and how prioritizing sleep has improved her overall physical and mental wellbeing.
Ashley shares how she maintains muscle mass in a conditioning phase, an awesome power stance and changes she’s experiencing in her life and circle of friends.

You will not want to miss this!

[1:38] Stage Ritual
[2:37] Handling Anxiety and Stress Leading Into a Show and the Positive Side of Stress
[7:24] Best Pieces of Show Day Advice
[13:36] A Rapid Rise from Amateur to Pro
[15:37] The Introduction into Competing
[20:57] Stage Inspirations
[22:49] Life Changes Since Entering the Competing World
[25:33] Embracing Judge’s Feedback Going into Nationals
[30:22] Body Work to Fix Muscular and Skeletal Imbalances
[34:24] Prioritizing Sleep
[36:16] Letting Go of Leanness and Embracing an Off Season Body
[38:06] Controlling Cravings and Feeling Good with Food
[43:10] The Importance of Going Pro in her First Year
[48:48] Maintaining Muscle Mass in a Conditioning Phase
[50:51] Accepting a Lower Placing Despite A Favorite Package